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DC Designs Development Update

DC Designs has shared a development update on their next projects; the Harrier and Phantom.

DC Designs Development Update

Over on Facebook, DC Designs has given a development update on their current and upcoming projects. To begin with, DC Designs has recently updated their F-15 Eagle for MSFS. The update is already available for for customers, but those who purchased the plane through the simulator marketplace may need to wait a little while longer for Microsoft to approve and process the update. With work on the F-15 update out of the way, it’s time to move on to the next project.

As recently announced as well, DC Designs will put their efforts towards the AV-8B Harrier II. This upcoming add-on will include two different variants of the plane, the AV-8B and the GR5. The reason not to include any other models, such as the Sea Harrier, is because the previously mentioned models are nearly identical apart from the ejection seats. According to the developer, a lot of work is currently going in to ensuring that the plane will have correct behaviour when hovering, which is not a trivial task.

Alongside the Harrier, DC Designs is also working on the F-4 Phantom. Development on this add-on is also well underway, and more details will be shared in a few weeks’ time. The Phantom package will include several different models of the Phantom, such as the F-4J, F-4E, FGR2 and the F-4K, and will take into account the differences between these planes despite the cockpit being similar.

To manage expectations in regard to a release date, DC Designs stated that these projects will represent their work for the rest of the year. We will keep you up to date of any updates and previews of these projects.

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