WinWing Launches Full-Size Airbus FCU

A new piece of hardware coming soon from the makers of sticks and rudder pedals.

Posted: 20-Mar-2024 @ 21:33z

Hardware makers WINWING has announced a new product that will replicate a full-sized Airbus FCU for flight simulators. The new FCU (Flight Control Unit) will allow you to interact with a number of aircraft with a physical controller that is designed for Airbus aircraft.

The launch video above gives us just a teaser of what to expect from the product. We can see that the unit will have light-up displays and be able to connect to other units to complete a full FCU unit. This will include the autopilot controls, navigation mode selectors and more.

Pre-orders are due to begin soon, but WINWING gave indication on how much the Full FCU unit will cost. You can view pricing per region down below. This also includes some early-bird pricing.

  • Global Shipping – Early Bird Price: 99USD, Official Price: 129.95USD*
  • US Site – Early Bird Price: 99$, Official Price: 129.95$
  • EU Site – Early Bird Price: 93.16€, Official Price: 122.28€
  • UK Site – Early Bird Price: 79.68£, Official Price: 104.59£
  • AUS Site – Early Bird Price: 154.23A$, Official Price: 202.45 A$
  • CAN Site – Early Bird Price: 137.35C$, Official Price: 180.29 C$
  • *(Free shipping and Tax included for all sites besides Global Shipping site.)

Note: The actual selling price at different regional sites may be adjusted due to exchange rates, and the final price will be based on the real-time price on the day.

It’s not clear when this will ship once pre-orders are made, but we’ll be keeping a close eye on this as we find out more.

For more on WinWing, check out our review of their A3XX sidestick hardware.

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