Website Feature: FSElite Account – Manage Two-Factor Authentication, Your Info and Data

18 Nov 2021 18:35z

With an FSElite account, you have full control over your information and data. When you register, you have the ability to add a profile picture, your name and a little personal bio.

The following information will appear publically:

  • Your profile picture
  • Your username

Your bio information, first and last names do not appear publically on the website.

Should you wish to manage your data, you can do so from your FSElite Account settings page.

Two-Factor Authentication

Protecting your account is incredibly important, which is why all FSElite Account holders have the ability to set up Two-Factor Authentication.

To set it up, head to your account settings, click on ‘Two-Factor Authentication’ and then follow the instructions. You will need an app such as Google Authenticator or Authy.

Then, whenever you log in next, you will need to authenticate your account.

We still suggest that you choose a strong password and use a tool such as Last Pass or 1Password to generate unique passwords for each website.

Data Request

We firmly believe that your data should be yours to do as you wish. As such, you can submit a data request at any time via your account. We will then act accordingly to ensure you then receive a virtual package with your data submitted to FSElite.

Deleting Your Account

Should you wish to delete your FSElite account, you can do so yourself. WARNING: Deleting your account is irreversible. Once done, neither you nor FSElite can retrieve your data. Deleting your account is done at your own risk.

Other Perks of Having An Account?

There are other perks for having a free FSElite Account, too:

There are other perks to come in the future, too!

How to Register for an Account?

Easy – just head to our registration page and sign up.

It’s free.

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