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Taog’s Hangar releases the Alouette III for MSFS

A piece of history just hovered into MSFS

Taog’s Hangar releases the Alouette III for MSFS

After teasing us at the end of 2022, developer Taog’s Hangar has now released their first payware helicopter, the Aérospatiale Alouette III, for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The Aérospatiale Alouette III is a single-engine, light utility helicopter developed by French aircraft company Sud Aviation. It was developed as an enlarged derivative of the earlier and highly successful Alouette II. The Alouette III was principally manufactured by Aérospatiale; the type was also built under licence by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) in India as the HAL Chetak, by Industria Aeronautică Română (IAR) in Romania as the IAR 316 and F+W Emmen in Switzerland.

The Alouette III has a maximum speed of approximately 220 km/h (120 kts), a range of 500 km (270 nm), and a service ceiling of 6,500 m (21,300 ft). It can carry up to seven passengers or a payload of 1,000 kg (2,200 lb).

Deployed in a variety of roles, including military, civil, and search and rescue, the Alouette III has been used by over 50 countries. It has been involved in a number of notable incidents, including the rescue of hostages from the Iranian Embassy in London in 1980.

Making use of the latest native tooling for MSFS, Taog’s Hangar has developed the Alouette III with Asobo’s CFD. There are numerous configurations you can choose from – either wheels or floats, and more than a dozen different attachments – depending on your flight mission. All of this is complemented with an exclusive sound package, recorded from the Portuguese Air Museum (Museu do Ar)’s very own Alouette III.

Taog’s Hangar’s Allouette III is available to purchase from Flightsim.to for £24.71 (incl. taxes)


  •  Detailed exterior model
  •  Detailed interior model
  •  Exclusive sound package
  •  Detailed animations of the different parts of the aircraft
  •  More than a dozen attachments options
  •  Detailed flight model
  •  Wheel and float versions
  • 18 liveries 
  • And much more…
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