Struggling with Where to Fly? Check out Where2Fly

A neat community-made tool to help you find your next destination.

Posted: 20-Jul-2023 @ 12:08z
Struggling with Where to Fly? Check out Where2Fly

If, like me, you are struggling to know where to fly on any particular day, sometimes getting that bit of inspiration can be hard. This was something that flight simmer Daniel Lange also struggled with. As a result, he created a new website called Where2Fly in order to help provide inspiration on where to fly next in your simulator of choice.

The website features a few functions that will help set some parameters so that you can find something that is appealing to you. A basic search will give you the chance to input your starting ICAO, the region you’re intending on flying to, and also the ability to select the flight length. A more advanced search also works that allows you to fly only where there is a good amount of VATSIM coverage, or you can even select a bunch of weather conditions if you’re looking for something like a thunderstorm or hazardous winds.

There is also a top-destinations list per continent also. You can also apply various filters like aircraft type you’re flying and runway length to ensure you pick routes suitable to what may be in your hangar. There is also some basic SimBrief integration that allows you to start building a route based on the airport selected.

Daniel from Where2Fly told us, “I decided to create a non-profit service that can give you suggestions based on challenging weather and/or ATC coverage on VATSIM. Hence was born.” He continued, “[Where2Fly features] simple search, advanced search with loads of filters, top lists per continent.”

It’s a useful website for those looking to be inspired on where to fly next. Where will you be heading this weekend?

You can check out Where2Fly at their website,

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