Simultech Sagl Announces My Replacement Assistance Trucks for MSFS

Replace your catering and fuel trucks with this new product from Simultech.

15 Jan 2022 15:58z

Developer Simultech Sagl has announced a new product for Microsoft Flight Simulator that will replace all default assistance catering and fuel trucks in the sim. Called My Replacement Assistance Trucks! the new product will include four different types of trucks that have 35 liveries.

All of the trucks are fully functional and hook up to your aircraft using the new ‘technical standard’ in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Within the trucks, you will see animated 3D models that are working around your aircraft. This one package will take care of every airport in the world for both the catering and the fueling trucks in the simulator.

Simultech says that the trucks are fully PBR compatible, come with various animations, dynamic lighting and more.

The trailer above will give you a better idea of what to expect from the new My Replacement Assistance Trucks for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

My Replacement Assistance Trucks will be coming soon to the in-sim Marketplace for PC and Xbox versions of the simulator.

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