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Leonardo Softhouse Fly the Maddog X Updated for MSFS

A new update for the Fly the Maddog X adds a new heads up flight display system.

Leonardo Softhouse Fly the Maddog X Updated for MSFS

A new update for Leonardo Softhouse’s Fly the Maddog X on Microsoft Flight Simulator has been released. The new update primarily focuses on fixes, but a new feature is an all-new head up flight display system (HFDS).

The number of fixes for the aircraft are also pretty extensive, many of which were initially reported by the community. Issues with the EFB such as the service app now showing correct fuel loads have been fixed, along with an issue on the performance pages. Furthermore, a few texture artifacts have also been fixed.

As mentioned, there is now a new optional Head up Flight Display System (HFDS). There is also accompanying documentation to help get familiar with the new feature in the MD-82 series of aircraft.

The new builds are applicable to the -82, and – 83/-88 packages released by Leonardo Softhouse. You will need to download the installer from SIMMARKET again and rerun it in order to install the new updates.

You can pick up the base pack from SIMMARKET for €75.00 if you haven’t already done so.

CHANGELOG – 1.2b169 – 07/07/2023

– fixed issue in EFB Services App not showing correctly aux fuel qty for the MD-83;
– fixed issue with initial cabin supply temp;
– fixed issues with GSX boarding on second+ consecutive flight;
– fixed issue in EFB Perf APP not taking into account pilot entered QNH;
– fixed issue in FMS turning too early (or too late) in RNAV approaches;
– fixed issue in holding direct entry with certain intercept angles;
– fixed issue with CPDLC removing answer prompts (WILCO, UNABLE, etc.);
– fixed issue in FMS which caused certain departure transition to be loaded uncorrectly;
– fixed issue in EFB perf app with Force Norm TO SWITCH remaining visible in landing page;
– fixed issue with PFD 2 going OFF when PFD 1 dimmed to OFF and option Synch CM1/CM2 disabled;
– fixed issue in FMS CRZ page with missing W/MOD data;
– fixed brake temperature remaining high in turnaround mode;
– fixed artifact in texture of air conditioning gauges;
– fixed missing sound when manually tripping CBs;
– added optional Head Up Flight Display System (HFDS), and documentation;
– added throttle axis calibration in Load Manager;
– when a MSFS flight is initalized ‘in the air’, the maddog will now be configured correctly for level flying with engines, AT and AP ON;
– revised FMS step climb logic and manual step climb enquire in CRZ page.

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