KwikFlight Releases “Ninja of the Skies” Spirit

Newcomer KwikFlight has announced their first aircraft for MSFS: the Spirit.

Posted: 25-Aug-2023 @ 16:56z

Newcomer KwikFlight has announced their first aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Based on the stealth B-2 Spirit bomber aircraft, the team’s first aircraft is called the KwikFlight Spirit.

KwikFlight is a new developer team formed by “industry veterans”. The team strives to create fun and interactive products, but also aims to achieve high standards in their product quality. All that is done while making sure their products offer an accessible experience.

As their first aircraft, the KwikFlight team has chosen to recreate an iconic bomber aircraft: the B-2 Spirit (renamed the KwikFlight Spirit). The aircraft comes with several features to enhance your aircraft experience, and even allow you to perform strike missions with it.

The plane features a functioning FMS with COM support, NAV, VOR and TACAN support and automatically calculated V-speeds. Also included is support for flight plans, provided they are loaded through the world map.

The avionics are comprised of six individual MFD’s that come with several different features; GPS, ECS, FUEL, FCH and ENG system pages. A MFD HUD repeater can display the functional flight path as well as energy bracket, and the rose NAV mode features TACAN, VOR and ILS approach modes. There is also a STATS page, VSD top-down map view and a working air-to-air radar. Last but not least, the MFD’s include a synthetic terrain vision mode. The avionics are also supported by an auto-pilot with a heading hold, NAV/GPS hold, altitude hold and approach mode.

The aircraft also includes a lot of visual features and animations to make your aircraft more enjoyable. There is an animated crew access ladder, animated engine secondary intake vents, an animated air-to-air refuelling point and a stealth mode that disables and retracts your lights and reduces your rudder deflection. Exclusive to the iniBuilds Store version, the KwikFlight Spirit also features an air-to-ground strike capability which allows you to drop a payload from the bomb bay. Several fictional liveries have also been included.

KwikFlight’s Spirit is available through the iniBuilds Store for £13.99, and will later be released on SimMarket and the in-game Marketplace. Note that the in-game Marketplace will not feature any visual weapons or air-to-ground strike capabilities.


  • Functioning FMS with the following modes:
    • COM. Tune VHF 1 and 2, ADF and Transponder
    • NAV. Tune VOR 1 &2, TACAN 1 & 2 and switch autopilot NAV following mode between GPS/NAV/TAC.
    • PRFM (Performance). Automatically calculated V speeds based on current weight and weather.
    • FPLN. When a flight plan is loaded from the world map it automatically loads in the FMS with direct to function available.
  • 6 independent Multi Function Display (MFD) screens and Engine Function Display (EFD) featuring:
    • GPS, Engine control System (ECS), FUEL, Flight Control (FCH) and Engine (ENG) system pages.
    • MFD Head Up Display (HUD) repeater with functional flight path and energy bracket.
    • Rose nav mode with TACAN, VOR and ILS approach modes.
    • STATS page with crew alert system.
    • VSD top-down map view.
    • Working air to air radar.
    • Synthetic terrain vision mode (TFR).
  • Autopilot modes include:
    Heading hold, Nav/GPS hold, Altitude hold & Approach mode.
  • Fully tool tipped cockpit and complete checklist functionality.
  • Animated crew access ladder
  • Engine secondary intake vents modelled and animated
  • Air to Ground Strike capability supported (iniBuilds store only)
  • Stealth mode (navigation/strobe lights retract and rudder deflection reduced)
  • Animated air to air refueling point
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