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KADO_t Releases Osaka Intl. Airport Freeware

An impressive new freeware scenery for Osaka’s second airport.

KADO_t Releases Osaka Intl. Airport Freeware

An impressive new freeware scenery for Osaka Intl. Airport (RJOO) has been released by user KADO_t on flightsim.to. The airport, which also goes by the name of Itami Airport, serves one of the largest cities of Japan. A number of airlines visit the airport, with destinations being mostly other places in Japan.

KADO_t’s scenery is a major overhaul of the airport, as is evident by some of the comparison images posted with the product. The scenery features high quality custom modelling and textures, custom jetways, 3D people and much more. Both the airside and landside of the airport have been modelled to great extend and with a lot of detail, such as fences on top of the airport roof, complete with plants and garden features, and exhaust vents elsewhere on the roof. The landside is also complete with cars in the garage, and on the airside you can find a hugely detailed terminal, as well as correct taxiway markings and more.

KADO_t indicated they’ve spent rougly half a year, or 260 hours, on this project. Nevertheless, they state they’ll continue to improve the airports and fix issues with it. The first update has already been issued, fixing several small issues with ground signs. Regardless of this effort, the user does not accept PayPal donations and simply wants to see people enjoy his work.

KADO_t’s Osaka Intl. Airport (RJOO) can be downloaded for free from flightsim.to.

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