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Introducing SimBox – All In One Tablet Controller for XPL and MSFS

A new way to control various aspects of your plane simply from your tablet device.

If you have been looking for an all-in-one solution to control multiple aspects of your simulator via your tablet or a secondary PC, then SimBox may be the tool for you. This new application will allow you to control multiple aspects of your aircraft via a separate device for both X-Plane aircraft and Microsoft Flight Simulator aircraft.

Within the app, for a range of different planes, you can adjust elements such as the autopilot, lighting, radio frequency and also control the FMC/MCDU from your tablet device. This will help make flying on a PC much easier as you can focus on the flying and use your tablet to easily adjust settings. Other things you can easily control include the APU, landing gear and more.

In X-Plane 11/12, you can use SimBox officially with the default GA planes, the LevelUp/Zibo Boeing 737 and the ToLiss A321. Within Microsoft Flight Simulator, you can use SimBox with the FBW A32NX, the ATR, the Aerosoft CRJ, Fenix A320, and a bunch more. You can see the full range over on the product page. You can even make your own custom configurations and then share them with the community.

Arthur, founder and developer of SimBox, gave us some insight into the development of the product, along with some of the history of its development. He told us, “the main motivation when I first started thinking about this project was to improve the immersion during my simulation. I didn’t want to stick with many physical devices dedicated to certain aircraft. I like flying the A320, but I also like flying the B737. Much of the physical hardware is generic and does not match the actual aircraft layout.

“Then I had an idea – maybe I should move these buttons and switches to a touch device, where it would be easy to match them to the actual layout of the aircraft. Touching is fun, but what about other “gestures” like turning a dial?”

Alongside the application itself, you can also buy files to self-print a 3D knob for that physical aspect of turning a dial.

You can buy a SimBox license for X-Plane 11/12 or Microsoft Flight Simulator for $29, or get the combo pack for $39. If you wish to then add the knob 3D printed files and support, you can add an extra $10 to that. You can read their documentation to get a better understanding of the product, or you can join their Discord server to ask Arthur questions before purchase.

Combo Pack Features

  • MSFS2020 integration
  • XPLANE 11/12 integration
  • All panel templates
  • SimBox Web App
  • SimBox Mobile App
  • Custom aircraft profiles editor
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