FS2Crew Releases PMDG 737 SOP 2 Edition

A brand new set of procedures are now available based on a European ultra low-cost carrier, giving the pilot more jobs to do.

Posted: 07-Jul-2023 @ 19:27z

FS2Crew has released a new edition of their popular mutli-crew utility tool on Microsoft Flight Simulator. The new PMDG 737 SOP 2 Edition is an all-new product based on Ryanair (European ultra low-cost carrier).

According to FS2Crew, this new version is more hands-on for the pilot-flying, as opposed to the first SOP edition which was the opposite. SOP 2 will see the user be more interactive in the cockpit when it comes to flipping switches and other actions during the flight. Over 13,000 new sound files were created specifically for this product.

The product contains voice, button and auto controls so you can interact with the virtual co-pilot in any way you wish. There are also purser can cabin announcements included with FS2Crew’s PMDG 737 SOP 2 Edtion. You can see it in action in the video above.

You don’t need to own the original version in order to download or use SOP 2. From what we can see, there is no discount for previous owners of the original. But if you wish to buy SOP 2 Edition, you can do so from the FS2Crew website for €24.95.


  • Direct integration into the MSFS on screen Toolbar via the FS2CREW COMMAND CENTER
  • Mobile device networking support
  • On screen helper panels makes learning the software a breeze:  All information needed to fly is now directly displayed on screen via the new INFORMATION CENTER, CHECKLIST ASSIST, FLOWS ASSIST and COMMAND ASSIST PANELS.
  • PUSH TO TALK KEY option
  • New AUDIO system
  • Updated speech recognition system for better results and improved recognition
  • MANUAL FLOW SELECTOR panel allows users to manually trigger FO flows
  • Program is now an .exe that runs outside of MSFS.  NO MORE PANEL.CFG EDITS
  • Ability to MIX FLIGHT CREW ACCENTS (example, you can pair a British FO with a German Captain)
  • New optional interface method: AUTO RESPOND
  • Button control actions now accessible via easy DROP DOWN MENU INTERFACE
  • Users can access and manually change sound files
  • And more!
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