efbPro by KatiePilot Announced

A new standalone EFB tool is in development that allows you to access a bunch of data and customise it to your own liking.

efbPro by KatiePilot Announced

Known for her presence on Twitch and also her work on the EFB for the Fenix Simulations A320, KatiePilot is back with a brand new product. Called efbPro, the new standalone EFB is a tool that is fully customisable based on real tablets from the real world.

Included with the EFB is full SimBrief integration, weather monitoring/visualisation, performance calculations for your favourite aircraft and space to house all your manuals and FCOMs. The most unique of the standalone app is the fact that efbPro will have its own ecosystem that allows you to make the application unique to you. You can also adjust the background and accessibility settings to your liking.

The efbPro App Store is where developers can create their own apps to distribute to the community. Whilst efbPro will be free for the community, developers who create apps may charge through the ecosystem.

“The function of the efbPro App Store is to enable developers and organisations to create their own apps that people can download and install,” Katie said over on Avsim in response to some user questions. “I initially had VAs in mind, so they can integrate their own systems, much the same as how it is IRL… The idea being that you can customise YOUR efbPro with the apps you want on your device rather than it being a pre-prescribed EFB setup that we’re used to in flight simulation. Trying to drive the EFB market to a more customisable solution and put the user in the driving seat of their simulation experience.”

Although best used on a tablet device (like an iPad), it can be used on virtually any device. It is also not sim-dependant, meaning that you can use it for whichever simulator you’re using at the time.

The new efbPro has no set launch date just yet, but you can stay up-to-date with progress via the new website. You can also sign up to the newsletter to stay updated with development progress.

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