Ed Correia Has Left Orbx

One of the original Orbx staffers has left Orbx.

Posted: 27-Nov-2023 @ 21:29z
Ed Correia Has Left Orbx

One of Orbx’s longest-serving and most established staff members has officially gone on record to confirm he has left the company after 11 years. Ed Correia, previously the Head of Partners, has confirmed via the Orbx forums that he was made redundant from the business “a few months ago.”

This is surprising news considering Ed’s long tenure at the company, having influenced policy, strategy and product development during his time at the business. Over the years, Ed has held numerous positions in the company including Head of Production and Operations and Head of Partners. In his role as Head of Production, Ed planned and supported product roadmaps, managed the (now-defunct) UK studio, and also worked on determining the values and company policies. When Ed moved into Head of Partners, he developed relationships with 3rd party studios and the Orbx indies team in order to help get their products into Orbx Central and worked with the marketing team.

Prior to those roles, Ed was known to work closely with then-CEO, John Venema, in order to test products, consult developers with new technology and provide day-to-day operations for Orbx. His role transformed over time and Ed became a familiar face to those in the industry. Many on the forum post spoke fondly of Ed and his contributions to the flight simulation community.

Parallel 42’s Edson also chimed in on the forum post, speaking highly of the former Orbx staffer.“His role was instrumental in ensuring that we played a part in providing direct feedback on the ‘Central’ platform, ultimately making it an enticing avenue for future third-party partners,” said Edson on the forums. Edson then shared a group picture of him, Ed and Keven from //42.

Ed Correia Has Left Orbx

Looking at Orbx’s corporate website, it appears as though many familiar names previously associated with Orbx are no longer present. It’s unclear if there has been simply a change in corporate structure, or if Orbx has seen more redundancies and resignations beyond Ed’s earlier this year.

It seems there is a shift within the flight simulation industry with recognised figures moving on from their established companies. Mathijs Kok moving on from Aerosoft to PMDG and now Ed moving away from Orbx. It will be interesting to see where individuals with their influence end up next.

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