Big Status Update from Majestic Software

It’s been quiet from the Majestic Software team for some time, causing many to wonder…

Posted: 14-Aug-2019 @ 06:15z
Big Status Update from Majestic Software

It’s been quiet from the Majestic Software team for some time, causing many to wonder how things are going with the planned Q400 TRAINING Edition, as well as the Q300 they are working on. Majestic has taken to Facebook with a big status update regarding all the ongoing projects.


The Majestic team reiterated that the development of this version has met a few challenges and delays along the way. This was caused by personal circumstances, as well as the 64bit move from Prepar3D back in 2017. The team confirms that work on the TRAINING Edition is still ongoing, albeit at a bit slower rate. As for the current status, this seemed to have remained unchanged from half a year ago, with the touch functionality panels done, and the FDR and centre panels still needing work.

The team will not yet discuss a release date for the TRAINING Edition, but, provided that Beta testing will go smooth and quickly, the team is hoping to have this project released before the end of the year.

The team also confirmed their stance on adding new features to the Q400, such as PBR textures. Though the team would like to, due to the current ‘flow of the project’ this is not feasible. Adding PBR, rain effects and dynamic lighting have been put on the backlog for now, with it being more than likely that the features will be added in a update later on. Furthermore, the team confirms that there are some bugs with the current version of the Q400 that will also be fixed in one of the upcoming updates.


In the rest of the update from Majestic, the team gave answers to some of the most asked questions regarding the Q300 v2 project. A substantial update on the status of this project has been long overdue.

The team is starting work on the Q300 again in the beginning of 2020, and after that, work should go rather swiftly. Majestic is committed to creating the series 100 and series 200 as well, but these will come after the Q300. The Q300, unlike the Q400 at this stage, will receive above mentioned features such as PBR textures, rain effects and dynamic lighting because the team has more time to implement these. The team also confirmed that the Q300 will not be an upgrade package of the Q400, but entirely stand-alone with its own PILOT, PRO and TRAINING Editions.

Other Simulators

Last but not least, the team provides their stance on working for other platforms than Prepar3D. The team confirmed it is not currently working on something for X-Plane, and is unable to do so when work is ongoing for Prepar3D. The team also let us know that they are currently unable to comment on MSFS2020 as they don’t have any inside details.

That’s all Majestic had to share with us for now. We’ll make sure we keep you up to date for anything Majestic has to share.

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