Majestic Update on Q400 Training Edition and Q300 v2

Majesitc Update On Q400 Training Edition And Q300 V2 FSElite

With 2019 being a new year, Majestic Software decided to give us an update on their projects for this year, including both the Q400 Training Edition and their upcoming Q300 v2

First up is the long-awaited, and seemingly longer delayed, Q400 Training Edition. It was said that while they had been relatively quiet, they have been extremely busy behind the scenes working to finish up the Q400 Training. Touchscreen functionality for the main and index panels is done, as well as macros allowing users to spin knobs on the touchscreens. Majestic stated that while they’re indeed close to the finish line with the project, they’re not quite there yet, with the FDR aspect still needing completion.

Up next was a statement on recent P3D technology such as rain effects, dynamic lighting, as well as PBR. While Majestic has been inundated with questions regarding their plans for implementing such features, they have not yet made a firm decision on their plan moving forward. Their modeler has been tasked with looking into the feasibility of implementing these features, and more information will be available once a decision has been made.

The Q300 v2, the elephant in the room in a way, was up last. 2019 is the year that Majestic plans on going ‘full force’ with the Q30 v2, and this will happen upon completion of the Q400 Training Edition. Majestic went on to say that they will be giving updates when there is, “substantial information to share”, but the project is certainly not dead as some have seemingly concluded.

That concludes the update from Majestic, and we scoured the comments for any additional information. All we were able to find is that there are no plans to bring the Q400 to X-Plane, as it’s unfeasible with a Q400 already being available and with one more on the way. We’ll continue to keep you posted on any new developments from both the Q400 Training Edition and Q300 v2 projects.

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