AirfoilLabs Releases Cessna 172S for XP11

AirfoilLabs has released a rebuilt from scratch Cessna 172S with the Garmin G1000 suite of avionics for X-Plane 11.

Posted: 01-Jan-1970 @ 00:00z
Updated: 23-Mar-2023 @ 21:20z

The Cessna 172S is the first product in the New Generation AirfoilLabs Product Series. Users can expect an unprecedented study level simulation of the 172S with G1000 avionics. While the aircraft has been released on X-Plane 11, compatibility for X-Plane 12 is planned as soon as it releases.

Starting with the 3D modeling, the 172S ships with 48 liveries, PBR texturing, and the Lycoming IO-360-L2A engine. Various aircraft parts can be damaged including the windshield. Effects like rain, fog, and icing, and a broken windshield can all be observed. After your flight, the Cessna 172S can be secured using tiedowns, covers, and chocks. Moving inside the plane, animations like zero-G floating objects and vibrations help make the plane feel alive in its environment.

More then 320 sounds can be heard and engine samples have been layered for the most realistic sound simulation. Every animation and control movement will produce a sound and weather effects will be heard both inside and outside the aircraft. Aircraft performance has been tuned and correlated with the real world performance tables. Both pilots and flight instructors have been consulted to confirm correct aircraft behavior.

Many aircraft systems have been custom modeled including the electrical and engine logic. Custom busses, fuses, and short circuits are all included in the electrical simulation. Shifting to engine simulation, a plugin based system will simulate engine component wear and tear, oil temperature, oil pressure, spark plug fouling, and much more.

Failures can be simulated to over 175 individual components. The wear and tear on various components will influence the operation of other components, possibly failing many other systems. Users will have the ability to set failures and save failure sets as individual scenarios. The state of all components can be saved with every flight.

For those who have RealSimGear products, compatibility is planned to be completed in 2022. Included below is a condensed feature list. For those interested in every feature included, which are many, a full list is available on the AirfoilLabs Website. The AirfoilLabs Cessna 172S with G1000 avionics is available from the Store for $49.95.


  • 3D Model based on real aircraft and rebuild from the ground up
  • 48 Liveries
  • Countless additional details, features, and animation
  • More than 320 sounds + detailed, layered engine samples with audible failures simulation
  • Additional custom behavior: Stall and Spin, Soft Field Takeoff, Crosswind Ground Operations
  • Flight Model is influenced by – Vortex Generators, Flap Gap Seals, Bush Wheels, Fairings, Broken Windshield, etc
  • All of the failable 175 components are explained in detail in a 2D window
  • Detailed 2D panels with detachable windows for second monitors
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