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Posted: 30-Mar-2022 @ 10:32z

Local Legend #3: Dornier Do J Wal bundle – Official Trailer

Calum Martin

Available now! The Microsoft Flight Simulator team is thrilled to release the third plane in our Local Legends series – the incredibly detailed Dornier Do J Wal bundle.

This aircraft is a twin-engine, high-wing monoplane flying boat designed by German aviation firm, Dornier. A breakthrough feat of aviation engineering for its day, the Dornier Do J Wal maintains an enduring legacy of performance and distinctiveness in the world of aircraft. This workhorse, which has proven successful from frigid polar adventures to the depths of the humid Amazon, is a marvel of utility, inviting aviators to explore the skies across the planet.

The plane has been meticulously recreated for Microsoft Flight Simulator, with careful attention paid to the finest details of both the exterior and the interior.

The Dornier Do J Wal is available now for $14.99 in the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace – the sky is calling!

Source: YouTube

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