VSKYLABS R44 Raven II Released

VSKYLABS Aerospace Simulations has released their R44 Raven II helicopter for X-Plane 11. The rotorcraft…

Posted: 27-Oct-2020 @ 07:47z
VSKYLABS R44 Raven II Released

VSKYLABS Aerospace Simulations has released their R44 Raven II helicopter for X-Plane 11. The rotorcraft was designed with a realistic flight model in mind, through the Experimental Flight Model environment of X-Plane. For example, the helicopter is capable of autorotations, a situation of engine failure on a helicopter where the rotor spins freely through altitude bleeding, allowing for a safe landing and saving the occupants. This particularity of helicopter flying is rarely represented in flight simulation in general. The rest of the aircraft features a detailed 3D model with PBR textures, all the regular helicopter systems, a GNS 530 navigation device and FMOD sounds.  The VSKYLABS R44 is fully compatible with VR.

Below is a Work in Progress video released by VSKYLABS earlier this month featuring the 3D sound system but also showing the nice realistic behavior of the helicopter.

VSKYLABS Robinson R44 Project **3D-Sounds-Test** - Work-In-Progress - X-Plane 11

The Robinson R44 Raven is a light 4 seat piston engine helicopter. Thanks to its low operating costs compared to other helicopters, it is found in many flying school and along with the R22 is often the first helicopter many pilots will clock their first flight hours on. It is the most selling general aviation helicopter since 1999. There has been around 6,500 Raven II delivered since its introduction in 1993.

You can purchase the VSKYLABS R44 Raven II on the Store for $33.95USD.

Feature List

  • VSKYLABS ‘Test-Pilot’ Project.
  • Robust and Highly Defined flight dynamics model of the Robinson R44 Raven II helicopter, built around the powerful, native X-Plane 11 ‘Experimental Flight Model’ environment.
  • Highly detailed model of the Robinson R44 Raven II helicopter.
  • Autorotation capable.
  • Comprehensive systems which were designed to follow the real R44 Raven II POH, as authentically as possible within X-Plane 11 flight simulator limitations.
  • Fully functional VR (Virtual Reality) Ready: highly interactive cockpit environment including levers, switches, guards, 3D checklist viewer, modular cyclic and more.
  • Equipped with Robinson’s classic 7 holes analog panel.
  • R44 Auxiliary fuel system.
  • Removable doors.
  • Fully featured GNS530.
  • Built-in Avitab Compatibility (Avitab plugin not included).
  • Multi-Layer FMOD sound pack.
  • The project is under constant development: development road-map is including flight model refinements, enhanced systems depth, additional liveries and other improvements.
  • STMA Autoupdater is included: project updates are fast and efficient!
  • Highly responsive VSKYLABS support forums.
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