Ultra Weather XP Updated to Version 2.6.2

Sticking to recent promises, Abdullah Almuntassi has released his latest update for Ultra Weather XP, bringing the…

Posted: 25-Dec-2020 @ 00:39z
Ultra Weather XP Updated to Version 2.6.2

Sticking to recent promises, Abdullah Almuntassi has released his latest update for Ultra Weather XP, bringing the product now up to v2.6.2.

As was already mentioned in our recent news piece, Ultra Weather XP (UWXP) is a utility mainly geared at enhancing default X-Plane environment visuals and weather models, including new cloud and sky textures as well as new rendering options, providing end-users with a wide range of customization options.

Abdullah Almuntassi, the products’ creator, ha

s recently provided users with a significant new update to the product, upgrading the base software to v2.6.2. The update brings a large number of improvements and additions with it, including the introduction of new enhanced sky colors, a new dynamic atmosphere system, a new dynamic sky coloring system, a fresh sun glow & lighting system, as well as a new dynamic night sky and new HD shadows, to name but just a few. For a more detailed list of changes, check out the changelog posted below or head over to the Xplane online store page where, upon selecting the version history tab, you can analyse the entire official changelog as stated by the developer in detail.

The update can be obtained for already existing customers by redownloading the core product from your X-Plane online store account. Customers in posession of the already outdated version 2.5 of the product and who desire to update to the newest version are kindly invited by the developer to register their version at the developers’ site, whereupon they will be provided with the newly updated version of the product.

For enitrely new customers interested in acquiring the product, we advise you to head over to the Xplane online store, where you can purchase the product for $35.00 E.x. VAT. 


  • Complete Rewriting of Plugin Dynamic Functions
  • New Enhanced Sky Colors Including Illuminated Fog by Direct Sunlight
  • New Dynamic Atmosphere System that Controls the Scale of the Horizon
  • New Dynamic Sky Coloring System that Controls the Density of Sky Color
  • New Dynamic Night Sky and Clouds that Reflect Citylights
  • New Dynamic Sun Glow System that Controls the Sun Glow Intensity
  • New Dynamic Sun Lighting System that Controls the Strength of Sun Lighting Objects and Water
  • New Dynamic Visibility System that Controls the Density of Fog
  • New Dynamic Visibility Raleigh that Controls the Coloring of Sun Direct Lights
  • New Dynamic Raleigh Scattering System that Controls the Blueness of the Haze
  • New Dynamic Mie Scattering System that Controls the Density of Greyish Haze
  • New Dynamic Water System that Controls the Sizing and the Shape of the Waves
  • New Dynamic Light Haze System that Controls the Sizing, Strength, and Hazing of the Lights
  • New Dynamic Clouds Coloring System that Controls the Coloring and Brightness of Clouds
  • Clouds Textures Coloring Enhanced.
  • Improved Simulation of Volumetric Clouds
  • Improved “High Altitude Clouds”
  • New HD Shadows and Improved Dynamic Shadows
  • New checkmark called “Smoothen Far Clouds”
  • New Slider to Control the Total Distance that Shadows can be Drawn
  • New Dynamic Ambient Sounds
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