ToLiss A319 Updated to Version 1.3.3

Aircraft developer ToLiss has issued an update for their A319. The new update, version 1.3.3,…

Posted: 05-Aug-2019 @ 16:51z
ToLiss A319 Updated to Version 1.3.3

Aircraft developer ToLiss has issued an update for their A319. The new update, version 1.3.3, brings new features along with a range of bug fixes. Some of the new features include a reworking of the ECAM flap indication and F/CTL + HYD pages to bring them up to the latest standards. Along with that, there has been an imporvement in the autopilot ALT* law, new sounds for the spoiler lever and also background lighting to the displays, FCU digits, RMP frequencies and the clock.

There is also a range of bug fixes included in the update. There’s been an improvement to the flap animation, corrected a bug with the FD button on the copilot side, as well as an issue where the MCDU keypress delay was not consistent. The full changelog can be found below.

The ToLiss A319 1.3.3 update is available now via the updater client in the plane base folder.

If you’d like to purchase the ToLiss A319, you can do so from for $69.00.

New features:

  • Improved APU GEN representation on the APU SD page.
  • Added background lighting to displays, FCU digits, RMP frequencies, clock, etc.
  • Reworked the ECAM flap indication to match the latest standard
  • Reworked ECAM F/CTL + HYD page to match the latest standard
  • Added Delta ISA temperature information to SD permanent data; TAT and SAT on SD now depend on data source availability.
  • Added Datarefs to set the door modes: AirbusFBW/PaxDoorModeArray and AirbusFBW/CargoDoorModeArray – 0: Closed, 1: Auto, 2: Open
  • FMGS initialization is now possible in-flight using DIRTO and subsequently NEW DEST.
  • Flare law reworked based on new information
  • Improve Autopilot ALT* law
  • Rework of the Airbus house livery textures by Christopher Tantow
  • Rework of the external model normals by MattDesigns
  • SmartCopilot improvements by MaxWaldorf
  • Improved landing gear ground contact noise
  • Added sounds for the spoiler lever, the brightness rheostats, avionics ventilation startup, electrical DC relays
  • Fixed a sound database bug, equalised the engine sound volumes.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed marching ants under PFD
  • Fixed marching ants in wing
  • Improved flap animation
  • Fixed a bug with the FD button of the copilot side. (It now removes the FD bars from the copilot PFD)
  • Correct AP mode reversions and AP disengagement logic during non-precision approaches with MDA defined.
  • Corrected maximum aileron deflection up when flaps/slats are extended.
  • When entering a RWY only approach, the FMGS adds a CF point 5NM before the runway as it should
  • Fixed the MCDU key interaction delay to be a constant 300ms.
  • Fixed a bug with the use of Place/Bearing/Distance type points on the lateral revision page.
  • Yaw trim reset now goes all the way to zero, even if you release the push button.
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