TechnoBrain Releases New Ishigaki and Miyako Airport

TechnoBrain is one of the few companies one can turn to when it comes to…

Posted: 24-Jan-2020 @ 09:52z
TechnoBrain Releases New Ishigaki and Miyako Airport

TechnoBrain is one of the few companies one can turn to when it comes to filling a certain scenery niche in our simulators, the Asian Pacific Region, with TechnoBrain specifically focusing on the Japanese prefectures. The company has a few sceneries in this region under their belt already, and is now adding two new airports to that with their most recent release: New Ishigaki Airport and Miyako Airport.

New Ishigaki airport (ROIG) was built in 2013 to replace the older Ishigaki airport, which due to its limited runway length could no longer operate larger jets. New Ishigaki airport serves the city of Ishigaki, which is located on an island with the same name. The airport has a relatively small number of destinations, mostly in Japan, and mostly provided by Japanese carriers such as All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines.

Miyako airport (ROMY) is small airport is located on the island of Miyako-jima. It is served by All Nippon Airways and Japan Airlines.

TechnoBrain’s rendition of the airports feature detailed and accurate modelling and texturing, and realistic lighting for both runway and terminal. There is an option for dynamic lighting for Prepar3D v4 users. The scenery also comes with photorealistic textures and custom landclass scenery for several cities on the islands. Technobrain has included support for FSX and all versions of Prepar3D. The scenery is available for €39,- on SimMarket.




  • Extremely realistic airport
  • Animated CTRL+J jetways
  • AFX file representing actual airline parking positions
    (Some parking lots can accommodate default aircraft)
  • Excellent night techniques, realistic runway lighting according to official documents of the airport
  • Add static airport ground vehicles
  • Pseudo shadows
  • Road traffic
  • Add dynamic lighting to all apron lights. P3DV4 only (User option)
  • Photo textures based on satellite image data taken by the
    Advanced Land Observing Satellite “DAICHI” (ALOS)
  • Resolution as high as LOD14 (2.38 m/pix) in every region
  • Automatically created objects have been prepared for every region
  • Add custom landclass scenery (Hateruma,Tarama,Yonaguni,Irabu,Shimoji)
  • Add custom airports (RORH,RORT,ROYN)
  • Version for FSX/FSX SE/P3Dv2/P3Dv3/P3Dv4
  • Functionality verified: Orbx FTX Global BASE Pack ver.1.40  *1


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