SimToolkitPro Version 0.6 Now Available

SimToolkitPro, known as the all-in-one EFB, is now available as version 0.6. The EFB tool enables simmers to plan flights, view weather, keep track of their progress and see how other virtual pilots are getting…

Posted: 30-Jun-2020 @ 19:34z
SimToolkitPro Version 0.6 Now Available

SimToolkitPro, known as the all-in-one EFB, is now available as version 0.6. The EFB tool enables simmers to plan flights, view weather, keep track of their progress and see how other virtual pilots are getting on with their flights.

Version 0.6 has been teased for a month now and comes complete with new features, functionality and more. As described back in the start of the month, version 0.6’s main new features include compatibility with MacOS and Linux, user accounts, free cloud save back-ups and also the ability to Microsoft Flight Simulator support.

Users will be able to manage their entire fleet, produce flight plans via SimBrief an also generate routes based on set criteria. For example, if you want to fly a specific airline to a certain distance, you can find routes based on all of that information.

Along with new features, version 0.6 still contains all of the features found in previous versions, but with improvements to speed, memory usage and utilising resources.

The new website is now online, along with all the new download links to each version. SimToolKitPro, along with all their features, is free to download and use.

As a reminder, SimToolkitPro version 0.6 is optional to users, with version 0.5.83 still available to those wanting to use it. Also, your data will be backed up free to the cloud to ensure there are no issues with migration. 

SimToolKitPro Features

  • Support for FSX, FSX:SE, Prepar3D v4, Prepar3D v5, X-Plane 11, and Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Alpha
  • Clients for Windows, Mac OS and Linux
  • Flight planning and dispatching through SimBrief, with flight and route editing
  • Flight Logbook with archiving of OFPs and route data
  • Airport Database with live METAR
  • Detailed Landing Reporting with advanced touchdown telemetry
  • Local data storage (with free cloud backup)
  • Streaming overlay that can be fully customised with templating and CSS
  • Live Map with full FIR data support for VATSIM and IVAO ATC
  • Display of network flights for VATSIM, IVAO, PilotEdge and STKP users
  • Taxi overlay for any airport in the world covered by OSM data
  • Custom schedule for saving flights for future dispatch
  • Searchable real world routes database with airline search and filter
  • Real world charts with significant global coverage
  • Charts pullout tab for Navigraph Charts and ChartFox
  • Support for ActiveSky and VATSIM weather sources
  • Integrated data recorder will record any landing detected when connected to the sim
  • Import your flight data from other services, or manual import
  • Fleet manager with custom airframes and advanced SimBrief airframe design
  • Checklists with import/export for sharing and an always on top popout for showing over the sim
  • Wind calculator with automated lookup of metar for selected runway




0.6 brings full native clients for SimToolkitPro for Windows, Linux and Mac Os. Full plugin support for X-Plane 11 on all 3 platforms as well.

SimToolkitPro’s huge 0.6 update adds support for FSX, FSX:SE with the addition of a SimConnect connector in addition to the existing FSUIPC connector. There is also built in support for the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 alpha which will be improved throught the update cycle!

New simulator support means SimToolkitPro now functions with X-Plane, Flight Simulator X (and Steam Edition), Prepar3D v3, v4 and v5, and the Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Alpha



SimToolkitPro brings your planning into one place. Full integration with SimBrief means advanced control of your flight planning from a simple A to B, to planning specific cruise data, aircraft weights, and passenger counts.

The built in plan parsing engine can read flight plans in several formats from other plan generating software and can load them with a simple drag and drop interface.



Advanced mapping shows online ATC coverage and other network traffic for all major networks. A huge amount of fully customisable information about the networks available at your fingertips.

Interpolated network data provides near-realtime traffic updates even when not available directly, and full colour and visual customisation will allow you to make the map work for you.

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