Photosim Labs Releases Bimini For Prepar3D

Developer Photosim Labs has released this Sunday their Bimini scenery for Prepar3D. In development for…

Posted: 27-Oct-2019 @ 10:24z
Photosim Labs Releases Bimini For Prepar3D

Developer Photosim Labs has released this Sunday their Bimini scenery for Prepar3D. In development for over two years and closely followed by the FSElite team, the scenery covers the South Bimini and Cat Cay. It includes full renditions of the South Bimini Airport (MYBS), Cat Key Airport (MYCC) as well as a very detailed rendition of the islands. The vegetation is custom to render the native specific types found in the area. The scenery also includes plenty of custom buildings such as hotels, houses and others.

The runways of the airports, sometimes made of compacted coral, have this feeling that is unique to the Keys. They see light commercial traffic and a lot of general aviation, ranging from the simple piston single props to the heavy business jets such as Dassault Falcons or Learjets. While not challenged by surrounding terrain, pilots will often find that the lack of navaids or procedure and the strange layouts of some airports as well as short runway lengths can make the approaches difficult. Rotary wings pilots will also be happy to know that several helipads are modeled, some of them located on boats.

Part of the Bahamas, the Keys are only a short hop from Miami, being about 45 Nm to the east. They are very famous for the unique wildlife and various related activities such as diving or fishing.

The Photosim Labs Bimini is currently only available for Prepar3D v3 and v4 for USD $24.95 on the Photosim Labs website. The scenery size is about 1.6 Gb. Note that the FSX version is due for release early November.

Feature List

  • South Bimini & Cat Cay
  • Photoreal textures around the whole scenery area
  • Custom vegetation native to the area
  • Custom made buildings, including hotels, marinas, research facilities, condominiums
  • Custom Bahamas architecture, houses, buildings
  • Custom night lighting
  • Fully developed South Bimini airport, MYBS
  • Fully developed Cat Cay airport, MYCC
  • Fully developed seaplane base, North Bimini
  • Fully developed helipad, North Bimini
  • Custom ground textures throughout the entire area
  • Several helipads, including on ships & buildings.
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