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Orbx Releases Blackwing for MSFS

A surprising new aircraft release from Orbx.

Orbx Releases Blackwing for MSFS

A surprising new release from Orbx, with their just announced Blackwing 635RG. The Blackwing 635RG is one of the lightest and fastest aircraft in its class, with an empty weight of 370 kg and a top speed of 223 knots or 413 km/h.

Orbx has partnered up with the real world creator of this aircraft, BLACKWING Sweden AB, to recreate this aircraft in our simulators. Using work derived from the real world CAD drawings by the company, Orbx has been able to faithfully and accurately recreate the aircraft. The aircraft features high quality modelling, and detailed textures complete with wear and tear and dirt smudges on the glass cockpit screens. All this has been developed with performance in mind.

For the flight characteristics, Orbx has worked together with BLACKWING here as well to ensure the flight dynamics are accurate and realistic, and represent accurate performance throughout several stages of flight. The systems of the real aircraft are also included, with a full set of Garmin avionics: a G3X touch screen, GMA 345 audio panel, GNC 225 radio and a GTX 345 transponder among others.

Orbx’s Blackwing 635RG is available from Orbx Direct right now for $29.68 AUD.


  • Stunning 3D model and textures based on real world CAD files
  • Capable avionics including the touch screen G3X, GMA 345, GNC 255 and GTX 345
  • GFC 500 autopilot
  • Accurate fuel and electric systems derived from real-world documentation including circuit breakers
  • Animated operable canopy
  • Retractable landing gear
  • 500 nautical mile range
  • 150 m take off distance, 300 m landing distance
  • Four real world liveries
  • Virtual Reality support
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