Orbx Announces ESKS Scandinavian Mountains Airport for Prepar3D v4

From Orbx developer Marcus Nyberg (who made Gothenburg, Bilbao and Arlanda) comes his latest project: ESKS…

Posted: 04-Mar-2020 @ 18:45z
Orbx Announces ESKS Scandinavian Mountains Airport for Prepar3D v4

From Orbx developer Marcus Nyberg (who made Gothenburg, Bilbao and Arlanda) comes his latest project: ESKS Scandinavian Mountains Airport. This is the world’s newest international airport, which sees major flights to destinations such as Heathrow, Copenhagen and Gothenburg.

The new airport from Marcus features drone-sourced 3cm aerial imagery from around the airport, including advanced spec maps for incredible detail. Due to the location of the airport, it will also feature multiple seasons and during the winter, it will also feature realistic and unique snow build-ups and texturing. Throughout the airport are plenty of ground clutter, animated people and much more for you to find. Weather will also influence the ground textures look and appearance.

As per other Orbx airports, Marcus has also included plenty of coverage beyond the airport gates at both 7cm and 50cm resolution, with plenty of hand-placed autogen throughout. The night lighting has also been worked extensively on to provide a realistic approach during the twilight hours.

You can read the full forum post here, along with visual sliders of how the scenery changes depending on the seasons. No word on a release date yet, but we anticipate it shall be soon.

ESKS Scandinavian Mountains Airport Feature List

  • Incredible drone-sourced 3cm aerial imagery around the airport, including advanced normal/spec maps beyond the normal GP
  • The world’s newest international airport, with flights to major Swedish and European destinations including Heathrow, Copenhagen and Gothenburg
  • Immaculately detailed multi-seasonal depiction of ESKS Scandinavian Mountains Airport
  • Stunningly realistic depiction of unique snow during the winter months
  • Weather-influenced ground textures
  • Colour-corrected coverage area at 7cm & 50cm resolution, with hand-placed autogen
  • Custom static aircraft & GSE unique to ESKS
  • Stunning night light
  • Extended coverage area at 7cm & 50cm resolution
  • A short flight to our other Swedish destinations, Gothenburg, Stockholm Arlanda, Kiruna, Visby and Dala
  • Located at the Norwegian border so FTX Norway takes over just a few km away
  • The perfect short-haul destination for A320/NGX, regional jet and GA flyers alike!
  • Designed for P3Dv4 to blend seamlessly with Orbx Norway, Orbx Global Base and openLC Europe
  • Painstakingly optimized for very high performance, even with high-end aircraft.
  • The latest in our Swedish Series from acclaimed developer Marcus Nyberg (Gothenburg/Kiruna/Arlanda/Bilbao)
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