New Chase Plane Version Features Teased

Streaming on Twitch, OMGEDSON (Edson from //42) has shared an early test build of a…

Posted: 15-May-2020 @ 09:30z
New Chase Plane Version Features Teased

Streaming on Twitch, OMGEDSON (Edson from //42) has shared an early test build of a future Chase Plane version. The new Chase Plane version will come with some new features which Edson shared to his viewers whilst also offering some juicy information about how they can benefit content creators for the future.

The new feature showed off was a completely revamped cinematics section. Note that the word “mode” has been dropped and it is now simply known as Cinematics. The concept behind this name change is to signify the more streamlined approach Parallel 42 is taking with the next build of Chase Plane. All your settings and controls for the Cinematics can be controlled in one place.

When talking about new features, Edson said that this creates new powerful ways for content creators to manage their camera settings and create fresh new takes on views for viewers and other producers. With the new build, users can mute in-sim sounds when flying in cinematics mode, along with the ability to now have cinematics both external and internal to mix things up. Of course, if you’d prefer to simply have one view mode over another, then that too can also be selected.

One other mode that was mentioned is how users will be able to select a view based from a series of presets and switch to them via a shortcut key without impacting the cinematics view or system. This means that if you are in cinematics, you can instantly change the view to another location on the fly and then afterwards, cinematics will continue. Furthermore, it was also said that you can interact with the cockpit as you would normally whilst in this mode (e.g. adjusting the autopilot).

Edson confirmed that whilst this is still a test build, beta testers will get their hands on a new build soon to help test and refine the feature set. No release date or target window was set.

You can watch the whole Twitch stream over on The Sky Lounge’s Twitch channel right now. If you’re keen to see the goodies about Chase Plane, you will need to skip to around the 1-hour mark.

You can buy Chase Plane from Parallel 42 from Orbx right now for around $40.00 USD.

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