Microsoft Flight Simulator Won’t be “Dumbed Down” for Xbox

With Microsoft Flight Simulator coming to Xbox Series X|S later this summer, the question remains…

Posted: 03-Feb-2021 @ 15:43z
Microsoft Flight Simulator Won’t be “Dumbed Down” for Xbox

With Microsoft Flight Simulator coming to Xbox Series X|S later this summer, the question remains how the simulator will work on a gaming console. Since August 2020, the simulator has been available on PC and already seen various updates and improvements adding new content to the simulator. With the whole world modelled, various types of flying and plenty of ways to interact with aircraft, there would be concerns that the Xbox version would take away some of those features. Twinfinite has since sat down with Head of Flight Simulator, Jorg Nueumman, to discuss the future of the simulator on the platform, including how add-ons will be supported on the platform.

In the partial interview piece, Jorg said that the decision was made “long ago” that Microsoft Flight Simulator would not be “dumb[ed] down.” Instead, the team are focused on ensuring that whether those who use the simulator on Xbox are experienced or newcomers can pick up a controller or hardware and get the same experience. Jorg did say that there are “some onboarding parts that we can do better” and in particular mentioned how new tutorial could help make the simulator more accessible to those on the games console. He goes on to explain that giving people bite-sized lessons can help them apply skills and gain confidence in their flying.

Further on in the interview, Jorg made a comment on how having the right equipment makes the difference with your experience in the simulator. He said that the gamepad will work fine, along with mouse and keyboard. However, we already know that Honeycomb Aeronautical are working on Xbox editions of their popular hardware and Jorg’s comments suggest that these peripherals (along with others) will be “tightly integrated” with the Xbox version of the simulator.

When it comes to third-party add-ons, Neumman said “[It’s going to be] the same.” That said, nobody will be forced to release do anything they don’t want to. He thinks that most airports/scenery products will be fairly easy to port over to the Xbox edition, whilst aircraft will need a bit of work to get working. “Many things are the same and some are slightly different so there’s a little bit of work.”

Twinfinite still has plenty of information from Neumman in the interview, with the full edition to be published soon.

We’re excited to learn more about the Xbox Series X|S version of Microsoft Flight Simulator and how it will look and perform. For more on the simulator for the platform, check out the first trailer shared initially at the Game Awards last year. Right now, we’re anticipating the Xbox edition of Microsoft Flight Simulator to release this summer. We’re now about a week away (hopefully) from World Update 3, which will include a complete refresh of the UK and all-new hand-crafted airports.

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