Microsoft Flight Simulator Hotfix Released

07 Aug 2021 12:47z

Microsoft has issued a hotfix for their flight simulator. The update, which goes by version number, fixes a small number of issues that users have been complaining about following the Sim Update V. One of the issues that was fixed, was that of low resolution ground textures at higher altitudes. Another issue that was fixed was the absence of volumetric lights, and washed out cloud appearance. Also fixed have been some temperature issues with the metar data.

Microsoft warns that users that are experiencing stability issues or long loading times should move their community folder packages somewhere else before launching the simulator after applying the update. The update can be obtained from the Microsoft Store.


  • Fixed ground level of detail (low resolution) when flying at airliner altitudes
  • Fixed “washed out / oil painted” clouds and the overall luminosity under cloud coverage
  • Fixed missing volumetric lights
  • Fixed abnormal temperature spikes over airports when the Metar data was not updating often enough
  • Aligned pressure altitude simvar and pitot static altitude calculations to prevent wrong altitude information for external Live ATC services
  • GPU stats are now displayed in the debug window when the dev mode is activated on PC
  • Disabled aggressive compilation optimization for WASM (signed-zeroes, NoInf and NoNaN but keep fast-math)

Known Issue

  • In-sim ATC service radar can still report incorrect altitude (fix expected in world Update 6)

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