Lanilogic ‘Self-Loading Cargo’ First Release

Newcomer Lanilogic Technology Solutions has released their very first add-on: Self-Loading Cargo (SLC). SLC is…

Posted: 29-Aug-2019 @ 11:35z
Lanilogic ‘Self-Loading Cargo’ First Release

Newcomer Lanilogic Technology Solutions has released their very first add-on: Self-Loading Cargo (SLC). SLC is a tool that aims at enhancing your flight experience by simulating passenger conditions. Much like competitor add-ons that aims to do the same or something similar, SLC will monitor the status of your flight and actions that take place during this flight, to calculate how happy your passengers are.

SLC uses different kinds of airplane and environmental inputs to calculate how smooth your flight is going, and how your passengers would react to that. Think about G-forces, excessive pitch rates, speed and, of course, turbulence. Technical issues and delays will affect your passengers in a negative way, as well as go-arounds, aborted take-offs and long taxi times. You can play music for your passengers, play movies for them, and give them drinks (either alcoholic or not) and food to make them feel better. But don’t give them too much to drink, as a drunk passenger will affect the happiness of the rest of your passengers. Also medical issues and other reasons for unruly passengers will impact how your flight is going. SLC comes with a large list of factors that affect how your passengers felt about your flight, their other passengers and about you as a pilot. Passengers are simulated individually and have their own personalities and traits, so you need to make sure to take care of everyone.

SLC provides an intuitive interface in which you can directly monitor your passenger status, as well as perform actions to increase their happiness. The interface will keep you up to date of events that are happening, and warn you when things are about to go wrong. The tool also comes with customisable sound packs, something which will no doubt be a must have for some people. You can also customise the tool a bit, allowing you more control over how SLC works and sounds.

Self-Loading Cargo reacts to button and switches in your simulator, provided the plane interacts with your simulator correctly. Otherwise, you can perform these actions via the SLC interface. The tool works with FSX, P3D and XP, and requires FSUIPC or XPUIPC to be installed for their respective platforms. You can purchase Self-Loading Cargo for £12.99 in early access from Lanilogic’s own website. Here you will also be able to find even more detailed information about the tool, as well as a full list of factors that impact the flight.

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