JustAsia Releases CYYT St. John For X-Plane 11

Only a couple of weeks after releasing their much anticipated RealWorld XP Malaysia, the JustAsia…

Posted: 23-Dec-2019 @ 07:49z
JustAsia Releases CYYT St. John For X-Plane 11

Only a couple of weeks after releasing their much anticipated RealWorld XP Malaysia, the JustAsia team has just released their St John International Airport rendition for X-Plane 11.

Located in Newfoundland at the northeastern edge of the North American continent, St John International Airport is an airport of importance for airlines crossing the Atlantic. It is used by many airlines as a planned diversion airport on their way to either Europe or North America. It also sees a lot of fuel stops from aircraft “crossing the pond” without actually having the range, often coming in from Greenland or Iceland and other parts of the US and Canada. The airport was opened during World War II to serve this purpose for aircraft ferry between the US and Europe. Nowadays, the airport sees regular commercial traffic, mostly to Canada and receives around 1.5 million passengers each year. It has 3 runways varying from 5,000/1,500m up to 8,500ft / 2,600m length.

The rendition of St John International Airport by JustAsia is a detailed representation. All buildings and immediate surroundings are present, and the ramp is alive and cluttered with carts, stairs and vehicles. Surrounded by forest, JustAsia has rendered well the impression of landing among the trees. The overall rendition is pretty immersive, especially at night with the different colors of the lamps.

If you often cross the Atlantic Ocean using business jets or with aircraft with limited range, this scenery will fit perfectly in your journey. It is available on Simmarket for €24.


  • Ultra High Definition orthoimagery
  • Custom HDR night lighting
  • 2k ground textures and markings (Include Wet textures)
  • Full World Traffic V3 integration with custom ground routes
  • Static aircraft option
  • Custom animated ground traffic
  • Animated jetways and docking
  • Optimized scenery (Light on fps)
  • 3D grass
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