DC Designs Updates F-15 Eagle on MSFS

An extensive update for the DC Designs F-15 Eagle has been released via Just Flight. The new update comes with a range of fixes and additions. The changelog is quite extensive with a huge number…

Posted: 26-Feb-2021 @ 15:00z
DC Designs Updates F-15 Eagle on MSFS

An extensive update for the DC Designs F-15 Eagle has been released via Just Flight. The new update comes with a range of fixes and additions. The changelog is quite extensive with a huge number of changes both for the fixes and the new additions to the plane since the original release.

Some of the more prominent fixes include the flicking lights issue, various issues with the HUD being hard to read and also ensuring that the Tailhook handle now works. Furthermore, rain and snow will no longer enter the cockpit and fuel flow indicators are now accurate. As for additions, a new custom sound set from SimAcoustics has been added and is WWise compliant. New icing effects have also been added to the aircraft along with a functional anti-ice switch. Finally, an interactive checklist has been added as part of the in-sim menu to help you get to grips with the plane.

As a reminder, the aircraft features a custom-coded and user-controlled payload manager, ADI, authentic MFDs with accurate visual layouts and also highly detailed instruments designed to emulate the appearance of the real aircraft. An operational manual is included to support those who buy the product.

You can buy the DC Designs F-15 Eagle for Microsoft Flight Simulator from Just Flight’s website now for £26.99.

You can watch our first look with the F-15 Eagles in the simulator right now.

DC Designs F-15 Eagles Version 1.0.1


  • Flickering light in virtual cockpits: FIXED
  • Control column top Ngons: FIXED
  • Ailerons reversed in VC view: FIXED
  • Cockpit camera left view error: FIXED
  • HSI and CDI INOP: Fixed for full VOR/DME navigation
  • Cold and dark ramp start: FIXED
  • HSI distance and course read-outs: FIXED
  • HUD hard to read in bright light: FIXED (see ADDITIONS below)
  • HUD AoA bracket not visible: FIXED
  • HDG and CRS knobs not working correctly: FIXED
  • ILS detection invalid: FIXED
  • GPS/NAV switch not present: FIXED
  • Fuel flow indicators inaccurate: FIXED
  • INOP generator switches: REMOVED (not functioning correctly in MSFS)
  • INOP master-start switch: REMOVED (Event Master Start All not available in MSFS as a “switch”)
  • INOP Hydraulic switches: REMOVED (F-15 has engine-driven hydraulic system)
  • To/From flags missing from HSI: FIXED
  • Floodlight switch reversed: FIXED
  • Some internal PBR surfaces not displaying: FIXED
  • Heading knob working but not animating: FIXED
  • Toe-brakes too weak: FIXED
  • F-15D gyro-compass acting like whiskey compass: FIXED
  • Tailhook handle INOP: FIXED
  • Tailhook external INOP: FIXED
  • Rain and snow entering cockpit: FIXED
  • Throttles not responding at low RPM setting: FIXED


  • WWise custom sound set from SimAcoustics, unique engine sounds for Pratt & Whitney F100-PW-220 and Pratt & Whitney F100-PW-229 plus internal cockpit sounds, sound attenuation, AI sounds, 3D sound and more…
  • Exterior PBR effects enhanced with new metallic texture sheets for more realistic surface finish
  • Further enhancements to the aerodynamics and engine files (in collaboration with, and with permission of, expert modders “CodenameJack447”, “Severus” and “Silent”)
  • Icing effects added to canopy and windshield
  • Mild “tint” added to windshield for better HUD visibility in bright sunlight
  • Scratches on canopy glass enhanced for greater visibility
  • Anti-Ice switch added for windshield
  • HUD power switch added to all versions on HUD control panel
  • Fuel gauge read-out simplified to total fuel weight (pounds)
  • Hz ADF dial added (KHz dial can also be tapped to change Hz frequency)
  • Checklists added to the in-sim Dropdown menu
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