An Update on the Current Situation with FSPilotshop

Over the past few days, numerous people (community and developers) have been in touch asking…

Posted: 22-Aug-2019 @ 10:00z
An Update on the Current Situation with FSPilotshop

Over the past few days, numerous people (community and developers) have been in touch asking what is going on with FSPilotshop. The website is currently unavailable and users are unable to download previously purchased products. At the time, we didn’t know anything, however, we have been busy doing some research into the situation and would like to provide the wider community with an update.

On Wednesday 21st August, we had received a few emails from a few concerned customers and developers stating that they noticed the store was offline. We checked ourselves and it was exactly as said: the store was offline. Checking their Twitter and Facebook feeds, there was no update on either platform from the company.

We then proceeded to reach out to various developers who use FSPilotshop to distribute their products and they also had no idea either. None of them knew what the situation was, nor had heard from the team at FSPilotshop.

However, earlier this morning, one developer told me that they had heard from Joshua Cox, FSPilotshop Manager. This is what this developer was told by Joshua.

“(…)Thanks for reaching out … we are doing an update to our store and ran into a major hiccup – hoping to be back online as soon as possible.”

At the time of writing, the website is still unavailable and still no posts on social media platforms informing the community.

We have reached out to FSPilotshop via Facebook to see if we can get any further information and timelines. Sadly, we do not have a more direct way to contact the team at FSPilotshop at this moment.

What about my add-ons that I have purchased at the store?

We asked a limited number of developers who all said that in the event of the shop being closed permanently, which doesn’t appear to be the case, products can still be downloaded and activated. Each developer will be different.

Damian from HiFi Sim Tech (Active Sky products) said that any customers currently experiencing an inability to access purchased products should use their contact form with their details to be able to download and activate their product.


This is an updating story and we’ll continue to provide new information as and when we receive it.


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