TorqueSim Introduces the Cirrus SR20

TorqueSim has introduced to the community  their next product, the X-Aviation Take Command! SR20 for X-Plane. The aircraft is a derivative of all the work that was put in the previously released TorqueSim SR22. This…

TorqueSim Introduces the Cirrus SR20

TorqueSim has introduced to the community  their next product, the X-Aviation Take Command! SR20 for X-Plane. The aircraft is a derivative of all the work that was put in the previously released TorqueSim SR22. This new aircraft is a partnership between TorqueSim, RealSimGear and X-Aviation. The SR20 will retain the major features of the SR22, with a dedicated piston engine model simulating in this particular case the Continental IO360-ES. This engine features a dedicated custom physics model which reproduces the airflow and heat exchanges that happen in the engine much more accurately than the regular X-Plane model. The aircraft fuel and electrical systems are also faithfully reproduced with extreme attention to details such as vapor lock and simulation of all circuits and breakers. From a pilot perspective, the Take Command! SR20 also comes with a G1000 Perspective avionics suite based on the Laminar G1000 but which also includes Synthetic Vision. Finally, the flight dynamics are on par with the rest of the aircraft and use custom airfoils and a highly accurate shape to provide with the most faithful behavior.

With so much details, Torquesim has added a maintenance and failure model with a persistence mode, meaning that the next time you will select the SR20 you will find it in the last state you left it.

To conclude, the TorqueSim SR20 will come in a complete package with 3D sounds and 12 liveries.

The Cirrus SR20 is a light composite trainer aircraft certified in 1998. It can seat up to 4 or 5 people depending on the option and was later developed into the more powerful SR22, more adapted to air travel.

No release date has been given so far but the product release should not be far off. You can visit the product page for more details about expected features. Make sure to stay tuned on FSElite for further news regarding this exciting General Aviation aircraft for X-Plane.

Feature List

  • Highly detailed 3D model with 4K PBR textures
  • 3D FMOD sounds
  • G1000 Perspective avionics suite
  • Complete electrical system
  • Highly detailed engine model
  • Mass flows of air and fuel, pressures and temperatures calculated in every section of the engine independently
  • Torque generation algorithm based on air-fuel ratio closely reflects engine performance graphs and enables highly accurate leaning behavior
  • All engine parameters are tuned against a huge database of real engine log data to ensure maximum possible accuracy in all phases of flight
  • Normal, cold, hot, flooded and false starts simulated employing the custom fuel system
  • Engine temperatures calculated per cylinder depending on numerous internal and environmental factors, all components take their real times to cool down
  • Custom G1000 %Power algorithm based on sensed engine parameters and not actual engine power output
  • Custom oil system with oil cooler, filter, degradation and consumption
  • Custom prop governor with propeller control linked to throttle
  • Real engine set screw for maximum fuel flow can be turned
  • Cylinder detonation (engine knock), low engine temperatures increase friction and wear, spark plug fouling, improper magneto grounding and numerous other custom failures
  • Accurate and realistic fuel system
  • Main and Collector Tanks
    • Collector tanks prevent fuel starvation during uncoordinated maneuvers
    • Fuel sloshes depending on sideslip angle, affecting float-sensed quantity and strainer coverage
  • Every component in the fuel delivery path simulated and contributing to overall system behavior
    • Boost and engine-driven fuel pumps and pressures
    • Fuel metering unit and spring-loaded fuel manifold
  • Vapor Lock
    • Fuel vaporizes after shutdown depending on engine temperatures and requires special startup procedures
    • Hot fuel can cause vapor formation and power fluctuations at high altitude in flight, suppressed by use of the boost pump
  • Custom airfoils and highly accurate fuselage shape
  • Stall strips and cuffed wing design with unique stalling characteristics
  • Accurate control surface areas and deflections for realistic turn rates
  • Maintenance and failure model
  • High fidelity flight dynamics
  • Tail Number livery customizer
  • Persistent mode
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