FSElite Original: Interview With Flight Sim Show Organiser Scott Phillips

Leading up to Flight Sim Show 2019 at Cosford, we took some time to interview Scott Phillips. Scott works for Just Flight and is one of the organisers of the show. For the interview, we…

Posted: 23-Sep-2019 @ 17:05z
FSElite Original: Interview With Flight Sim Show Organiser Scott Phillips

Leading up to Flight Sim Show 2019 at Cosford, we took some time to interview Scott Phillips. Scott works for Just Flight and is one of the organisers of the show. For the interview, we asked Scott about organising the Flight Sim Show, and what it is all about. We’ve also asked him about why the show is being held over two days now (compared to a one-day event previously), exhibitors that will be at the show, the choice of location and more. You can read the interview down below.

Scott, can you introduce yourself to the reader? Tell us a bit about yourself, and about what you do?

Scott: “I work for Just Flight and Just Trains actually, have done for around ten years and look after all aspects of the sales and marketing for the brands which over the years has become predominantly online based.”

How did you land the role of event organiser for the Flight Sim Show?

Scott: “The only one to raise my hand? No, it kind of makes sense and prior to this being a show run and organised by Just Flight we partnered with Flight 1 so it was a joint venture back then. There are a number of other people here at Just Flight so it becomes a combined effort. It’s some undertaking especially when you’re as busy as we are at the current time, but we hope it’s all worthwhile in the end.”

Moving on to the Flight Sim Show itself, there will be a large number of first time attendees. How would you describe the event to someone who may never have been in the past?

Scott: “An absolute feast of Flight Simulation indulgence. It gives all those who attend the chance to see what’s new, what’s coming up and to chat with key people within the industry and to mix with like-minded folk. There are presentations to watch and flight sim bargains to be picked up also. [The show] covers all aspects of this great hobby too, definitely a winner and as the advertising this year has hinted at it has become the Perfect weekend break!”

Flight Sim Show could probably not happen without all the exhibitors. There will be a wide variety of them again this year. What are you hoping to see at the event from them?

Scott: “Just a willingness to embrace the event and an enthusiasm to ensure all show visitors get as much out of the day as they can. We’re excited about the new exhibitors and indeed the old brigade too who we know will be doing their very best to put on a good show!”

Outside of the exhibitors, what else can people expect at the show this year?

Scott: “The presentations will be running for both days and there are some really interesting looking presentations scheduled this year. They run on both days.

The the Museum itself is also a wonderful place, don’t waste the chance to take it all in.  Surrounding areas such as Ironbridge and The Black Country Museum are well worth a visit, a little further afield (30 mins in car) you can reach Shrewsbury, the county town of Shropshire. It sits inside a loop of the River Severn, and its Tudor centre is lined with half-timbered houses.”

In previous years, the show has always been on for a single day. This is the first time the show will be held over an entire weekend. What has influenced the decision to do it this way, and how do you think it will impact this year’s event?

Scott: “Mainly down to demand. It’s the most frequent request we get each year – “Why not do it for the weekend?” so we thought it was about time to give it a go. Who knows if it’ll be a lasting arrangement but given the time and effort spent organising the event and indeed the time and effort that many people put in to attend as exhibitors or indeed to attend to visit the show we wanted to give it a go. Not sure what impact it will have, only time will tell on that one.”

What things have you learned from organising last year’s show, and have you implemented this year?

Scott: “The above for one. Other things would include getting new exhibitors along (loads more we want along next year – you know who you are if you’re reading this!) and later start for the first presentations of each day. There will be other subtle changes that we’ll implement too and of course this year we’ll ensure that again we look out for anything that we’re then able to improve upon for 2020.”

You already mentioned it briefly above: the show will be held at the RAF Cosford Airbase and Royal Air Force Museum. What can you tell us about the venue, and why have you chosen this venue as a space to host the event?

Scott: “It’s just a marvellous place and we can go back to one of the questions about why a weekend show. You can easily spend a whole day walking around the Museum and taking in its many splendours. Aviation enthusiasts will be in heaven at what’s on offer. Spend a day at the show and a day or so taking in the museum. What more can you ask for!? Hangar One where the show takes place is ideal too and that alone is a fascinating place to spend a couple of hours (even without all the exhibitors). We’re in a great and scenic part of the country, the rural areas surrounding Wolverhampton and Telford are a joy and of course it’s a central location giving the best opportunity for everyone to travel too. We could find busier areas to hold the exhibition such as down South, nearer the capital but gut feeling is that Cosford is just more suited for this show. Maybe one day we’ll relocate and give somewhere else a try but it’s not a big priority for us right now.”

What are you most looking forward to this year?

Scott: “9.30am Saturday 5th October when we’re underway and all the organising is done and dusted and the show’s open! That and just generally seeing it all unfold with everyone having a great weekend, exhibitors and show visitors alike.”

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Scott: “Advance tickets are still on sale for a couple of weeks. Don’t miss out, remember only Advance ticket holders will get a show Goody Bag. Follow further news about the show on our social channels: Facebook and Twitter.

Finally, if you’re a potential exhibitor, if you contact me by Monday 23rd September we might still be able to find space for you.”

Thank you Scott for taking the time to answer our questions. We are looking forward to Flight Sim Show 2019.

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