Meet Snafu – Your Flight Simulator Support Bot

In an age where forums, social media and Youtube exists, it’s very easy to get lost when it comes to flight simulator support. For years, finding information has always meant searching all over the web and asking various people for help. Sometimes the answer helped and other times, the person on the other end didn’t come across as helpful as you would like.

Surely it can be easier!?

We’ve been thinking at FSElite how we can help you to find an easy place to find all the resource you’d need, knowing that any question you ask, you wouldn’t be judged or yelled at. As a result of this thinking, FSElite are proud to introduce Snafu – our new Flight Simulator Support Bot.

Built directly into Facebook messenger, you will be able to ask Snafu any question you like about your simulator past or present, and through complex algorithms, Snafu will find the right answer for you. Through lots of research, we believe we’ve found the perfect way to quickly ask a question and get a reply. Take a look at some examples below.

He can also search for any recommendations for your simulator. Snafu will break it down into categories making your options even easier in the future.

One of the best features is that Snafu can reply with images. However, you’ll nee to be careful  as sometimes he can come across a bit sassy!

He’s also able to address rumours:

Snafu can even give relationship advice to help with your simming experience:

And finally, Snafu knows his stuff!

We’re aiming to launch Snafu – The FSElite Simulator Support System sometime ‘soon’.