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Posted: 28-May-2022 @ 23:30z

X-Plane 12 Dev Deep Dive – Ep 1: The New World

Calum Martin

Welcome to the X-Plane 12 Dev Deep-Dives series. In this series of content, FSElite goes behind the scenes with the Laminar Research team on a huge number of topics with the upcoming release of X-Plane 12.

During the next few weeks, we will learn about all aspects of X-Plane 12 from the marketing and sound design to the new flight model and advanced rendering engine. Each episode will have a specific focus giving you as much insight into X-Plane 12 as possible.

In this episode, Calum talks to Austin as he takes us through how X-Plane 12 came to be, what the new world means and much more. Austin also begins to talk about the new flight modelling, interesting facts about the rendering engine and more.

Sit back and enjoy our Dev Deep Dive series with X-Plane 12.

Watch Episode 0: Intro here.

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