[X-Plane] FSFlyingSchool 2018 for X-Plane 11 | Flight Instructor Add-on (FYC)

FSFlyingSchool is an award winning add-on for your favorite flight simulator. It is available for X-Plane 11, X-Plane 10, FSX and Prepar3D. Its team of talking instructors will have you flying your very best. In this video, Q8pilot will present the latest version of FSFlyingSchool 2018.

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Shane Sayle

The author Shane Sayle

AKA Aus Flight Simmer. Shane from Australia, and has been involved with Flight Sim since the mid 80’s. Shane is passionate about aviation, with a soft spot for all things GA. Low and slow. In 2016, shane started the Aus Flight Simmer YouTube channel, to share his flight sim passion with community. Content for everyday flight simmer. Shane future plans is to start his PPL and bring his viewers for the ride, so stay tuned. | View My Specs

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dolittle seems to be a professional bellend. Try the demo and you’ll see the shortcomings? Sheesh you really hate this product don’t you. I’ve used it for years and would says it very useful. Either you can’t fly for sh|te and you don’t like it being pointed out by flyingschool or you’re so closed minded you miss the utility of the addon?


Of course everyone is entitled to an opinion, and if you do not like FSFlyingSchool, well that is your loss. But please keep the facts straight, will you?

You say that “it mainly boils down to voice messages when you’re doing something wrong” and that is the main point showing that you know nothing of the program – and probably have tried the demo for 5 minutes, and then quit because Mr. Smith pointed out that you fly very bad.

The truth is that FSFlyingSchool is a fantastic mix of the flight instructor correcting you when you fly operate an aircraft incorrectly, and tons and tons of ADVICE on how to operate all kinds of aspects of the aircraft, and of flying in general. You would have known this if you´d spent just a tad more time with FSFlyingSchool.

I have been using FSFlyingSchool since the very first version back in 2007. This was for FSX. Since then I have been using the program for P3D and X-Plane also – and I can honestly say that FSFlyingSchool is the very reason I am still involved in flight simming.

I was a very typical small GA pilot, flying rings around my home airport, and not getting much better. Then I discovered FSFlyingSchool, and my skills as a sim-pilot skyrocketed. It is amazing how Mr. Smith can talk to you, telling you that you do this and that wrong, just like you say Dolittle – but only as long as you KEEP doing things wrong. Start paying attention to what Mr. Smith actually SAY – and learn from it – and suddenly you get a lot less comments from him. And your final scores of the flights and landings – well they skyrocket too.

I went from the above mentioned very timid GA pilot, and to flying around the globe many times, in all sorts of aircraft – small and very very big. And always with Mr. Smith in the right seat with me.

And to say that the program triggers false positives because it “reads the gauges wrong” it simply plain unintelligent Dolittle. whichever gauge FSFlyingSchool reads, it reads it 100% correctly, how the heck could it read a gauge readout wrong? it reads it right – twice every second in fact, and Mr. Smith reacts to the readouts, and tells you if you do not react to what the aircraft expect of you as the pilot. So it must be there you go wrong dolittle. Mr. Smith does not care if you fly a stock Cessna 172, or the A2A version. He still tells you exactly what you do wrong, if anything, so if you feel that he talks to much, well….. listen and learn buddy, listen and learn – and Mr. Smith will stop “harassing” you. It´s quite the feeling to fly an entire flight, and get only a very few corrections from Mr. Smith.

But as I started by saying – everyone is entitled to their opinion – and this is mine – but clearly based on a LOT more experience that dolittle – with FSFlyingSchool – as I have literally 1000´s of hours with Mr. Smith by my side, and he made me a much much better pilot.

But hey – don´t take my words for it. Judge for yourself. You can download a free demo version of FSFlyingSchool – for FSX, for FSX-SE, for X-Plane and for P3D – and use ALL functions except submitting scores, and with an geographical limitation, for as long as you want – totally free. so you can try it out before you flash your creditcard. head over to and check it out.

And please go to the forum if you want to know anything, if you have questions or problems, or just to say that you love FSFlyingSchool. They have a very very efficient and kind tone, and will help you out with anything.

That’s priceless. I watched the beginning of Q8’s video, and what do we see?

– immediately after launching FSFS, he’s already hammering its advices, including the “control check” I mentioned below. Actually you do that later, a little before taking off, which allows you to check nothing is blocking the controls, which can happen if your passenger is not sitting properly, or if something fell. You don’t do that before starting an aircraft, it’s redundant with the external checks.

– it fails to detect Q8’s mistakes, as starting a 172 with mixture rich, forgetting the fuel pump or reducing the mixture on the ground at an obviously normal altitude.

I think it says it all, I won’t even bother commenting the video further.

See my answer to Bob Amos below, no it’s not a demo but that wouldn’t change anything anyway.

My facts are straight, I have explained those messages were due either to errors or the program misreading some gauges. One could hastily conclude that I’m flying badly since I get those messages, but that probably makes for a very poor and unfounded argument. In any case, the fact is those messages are repeated every few seconds until you give in, even if the instructor is wrong (and he is, quite often actually). I can assure you that in real life this is not how you teach something to someone.

How could the program read the gauges wrong? It’s pretty simple, the program doesn’t have access to the actual state variables except if those are plain vanilla P3D aircraft (and even there I wouldn’t bet on it). Take any A2A product – and I have tested quite a few, it will fail reading the RPM values and start pestering you about plugs supposedly fouling. By the way, anyone who has flown an actual plane could confirm how this is overdone in FSFS, it’s usually much better to go idle now and then while taxiing in order to avoid wearing out the brakes, especially since you do the run-up after most of the taxi anyway… but indeed, no matter how more intelligent Mr andreasen think he is, this requires real airmanship knowledge and is not something you learn by playing with P3D all day long.

He mentions advices, yes… those are messages that are (too) frequently repeated like the corrections, as if you were sitting next to a parrot. The program does not keep a list of the advices already given to space them a little bit, it’s just pure randomness. Perhaps that would be a way to make this program a little more acceptable. The program fails to read the controllers there too, on several aircraft he keeps telling me – every single time, that the pilot should check the aileron and rudder controls, usually quite soon after starting a session, and even if I did just that.

But enough of the bugs and annoyances. What would I expect from an actual school program? At least a programme, because when you learn something you have to follow a well-constructed plan. When you attend a real flying school, there is a list of progressive lessons, starting with the basics. Even if anyone can guess the basics of flying (pull to climb, push to dive and so on), there is a good deal of physics behind that requires at least some amount of understanding if you want to do it well and safely. I would also expect from such a software to mimic an instructor, handling the controls at first and progressively releasing them more and more often to the student, insisting on items that were not correctly assimilated – but without hammering on everything the way FSFS does of course, which is counter-productive. I would most definitely see instructions to follow at each lesson possibly with the demo first, and also exams at important stages like before the first solo pattern and solo navigation. But none of those interesting features are there unfortunately. There is one feature that gives you random and uninteresting instructions, limited to reaching a given altitude, speed and heading, that’s enough to make anyone weep. I mean anyone sensible.

Sure, you can go and check the forums, but just don’t expect much help. There is very little activity over there, it’s quite dead, which in itself shows how little success this program meets, all you can see is mostly the author replying that it’s how he wants the program to be and that you are wrong, or that he should probably test this or that to verify a bug, which he ultimately fails to do.

All of this can be verified with the demo, even if it’s limited to the vicinity of a specific airport.

@dolittle – PC Pilot magazine agrees with Q8Pilot. I’ve been a subscriber for years and they’ve had several award winning reviews.

I first purchased the product for FSX over a decade ago after trying the demo version. Periodically I update to the latwest version which always adds new neat features, like the GPS Tutor. Try the free demo and if you don’t like it then don’t buy it!

– Bob Amos

@Bob Amos: I own a version of FSFS for P3D (those have more features than the XP versions), and I’m also a pilot so I know what I’m talking about. The “flying school” part just isn’t there.

I don’t know PC pilot magazine but it mainly depends on who wrote what I suppose, as for Q8Pilot I’ve already said what I thought. But yes, trying the demo will quickly show the shortcomings, just don’t expect to have something better in the full version.

why is the headline only labelled with XP if its also available for P3D for example? obvious case of marketing lmao


The post of wwww was about the title here on the website, and indeed as several have said this software runs on several platforms so it’s not only X-Plane-related. But it was mostly humour, the clue is in the last word 😉

As for the video it’s from Q8 so I didn’t even bother watching it, this guy is too optimistic about everything and lacks judgement, and since he has little airmanship knowledge it doesn’t make it any more relevant (his idea of testing a flight model is giving a bit of rudder at 1000 ft and watching the noze wobble…)

It’s also available for FSX, but this news item is about Q8Pilot’s video review of FSFlyingSchool 2018 for X-Plane 11. I think the clue is in the name of the youtube video. If you can’t solve it then perhaps you shouldn’t attempt to become a pilot…

Yeah, especially since it has more features in P3D, XP only has a subset of them for years.

I’ve played a bit with the P3D version, with several planes that feature detailed packs (A2A’s, since they are top quality), but it’s getting quickly irritating. This is not a flying school at all as the title suggests, like an instructor that would teach you to fly. Instead it mainly boils down to voice messages when you’re doing something wrong, and those messages are repeated every few seconds so you’re usually switching most options off very soon. Some messages are also pretty much off and trigger on false positives because the software is not reading the gauges properly – typical case: it will pester you during the whole taxi thinking the RPMs are too low, even though you’re 1000 RPM (in anycase, this attention to plug fouling is usually exaggerated in sims).

The one-guy developer and support never fixed any of the problems reported to him, and never really acknowledged them in the first place so don’t expect too much on that side. So if something is wrong or you find a bug, you’re simply doing it wrong, by definition 😉

The overall experience is fun for 30 minutes, then it becomes boring, if not upsetting. To each their own, but I can’t really say it’s worth the money and I won’t vouch for that add-on. Which is sad, there is really a place for a flying school course set, but it has yet to be created. Or perhaps I’m the only one who would find that interesting.