PROAVIATION SIMULATION: [P3D v4] PMDG 737-800NGX | ORBX Innsbruck Airport LOWI | Performance Test | (FYC)

In this video I will be testing ORBX’s beautiful Innsbruck airport scenery with the PMDG 737NGX. Innsbruck Airport is situated at the heart of the Alps therefore the first thing that comes to mind when the Innsbruck airport is mentioned is its challenging approaches. I’ve chose to do the famous LOC DME East Approach Circle to Land RWY 08 – one of the most difficult approaches a pilot can do. The Airline Traffic Density Slider has been set to 25% for this video. Feedback is appreciated!

No tweaks have been applied to the P3Dv4 .CFG File!

Addons Used:
PMDG 737-800 NGX
ORBX LOWI Innsbruck Airport
Turbulent Designs – Terra Flora
ORBX FTX Global Base Pack
EZdok Camera
Super Traffic Board

PC Specs:
i7 6700k (Skylake Processor) – Not Overclocked
GTX 1060 6gb (Gigabyte Windforce) – Not Overclocked
8GB RAM (Kingston Hyper X 2400mhz) – Not Overclocked
B250M-D3H Motherboard (Gigabayte)
240GB SSD (Kingston UV400)
1TB HDD (Toshiba DT01ACA100)

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    1. The video has been posted under the Featured YouTube Community program, whereby we allow hand-picked YouTube creators upload their content here to share with the community.

      It’s another platform for them to help grow their own channel and become a success.

      Of course, this won’t impact on our ability to post news and as we go forward, we’ll be introducing more YouTubers to join us who may provide content more relevant to you!

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    1. Thanks. Hopefully you’ll find your way around quickly – we have made it as simple as possible. We still cover as much news as possible, as well as expanding our content further.



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