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Microsoft Won’t Be Attending FSExpo, Exhibitor Discussions and More

Earlier this week, we asked whether Microsoft would be attending FlightSimExpo 2021 this year in San Diego. Following on from that, we sat down with Evan and Phil, Co-Founders of the event, and discussed that and more.

Sadly, Evan and Phil weren’t able to bring good news during our conversation and did confirm that Microsoft would sadly be unable to commit to the show this year. Whilst the duo at FlightSimExpo put forward a number of ways they could be involved, in person or online, it just wasn’t the right time for Microsoft to be involved. Whilst this is undoubtedly a shame, there will still be plenty of Microsoft Flight Simulator content on display from other developers who are exhibiting.

Beyond the discussion around Microsoft, we also spoke about how COVID-19 has had a big impact on the show, what exhibitors the pair are looking forward to seeing at the show and also how the online event will work this year.

As always, the most important element of the show is the community. Being there in person to talk to fellow enthusiasts, share ideas, try new hardware and more is super exciting. The team knows that there will be some trepidation this year, but that they will continue to follow local/federal advice, whilst ensuring people feel comfortable at the show.

Remember, you can pre-register for your tickets on the FlightSimExpo website. There is plenty of flexibility should you need it. Tickets to the in-person show start at just $25.00.

Whilst you should watch/listen to the whole discussion, here are some summary points:

  • FlightSimExpo 2021 will be held as both an in-person event and an online show between September 24th – September 26th
  • Microsoft will not be attending the show, but there are plenty of exhibitors with the simulator
  • Attendee numbers are trending higher than previous shows
  • Over 25 exhibitors have confirmed to attend so far with many of them being hardware-focused
  • Captain’s Corner is back with some interesting seminars
  • Lockheed Martin and Laminar Research will both be holding seminars/announcement shows during the event
  • The event will follow any local/federal guidance with regard to COVID-19 precautions.
  • FlightSimExpo has partnered with iCloth this year to ensure that everyone can sanitize equipment to keep the environment as clean as possible
  • There are still some announcements with regard to future exhibitors to come
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