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FSElite Original: Community Voted Top 5 Prepar3D Airliners

For the month of October we asked the community to pick their top five favorite airliners for Prepar3D.  You made your voice heard from all around the world as this became our most popular top 5 poll with nearly 8500 votes! Everyone’s participation made this a tight race, as some aircraft came within just 20-30 votes of each other. Lets take a look at what the community deemed the top 5 airliners for Prepar3D!

#5 Fly The MaddogX MD80 – 806 Votes

If you’re in for a challenge this is the aircraft for you. Developed by Leonardo SH, Fly The Maddog X is a study level simulation of the McDonnell Douglas MD-82 for FSX, Prepar3D v3, and Prepar3D v4. This add-on offers a fantastic combination of high quality modeling, crisp 4k textures, high fidelity sounds, and robust aircraft systems that allow you to fly using the real world manuals.

The complexity and detail of this aircraft has been thoroughly covered in every aspect. The MaddogX comes complete with 8 liveries, load manager, flight planner, and all the documentation to get you soaring in the skies. Purchasing this plane will cost you around $87 usd.

#4 Majestic MJC8 Q400 – 1059 Votes

Developed by Majestic Software, this aircraft is modeled after the Bombardier Dash 8. Currently in 2019 this remains to be the best representation of the Dash 8 across all the flight sim platforms.  The MJC8 has been released in 3 editions, Pilot, Pro, and Training. The training edition being the most complex and true to life for those who want the full experience complete with instructor tools. This plane also features a standalone flight dynamics engine that allows you to get more out of Prepar3D.

The Dash 8 is a very interesting turboprop plane that feels different from most aircraft. It’s complex, fun, and used all over the world as a regional transport. Depending on the version you decide to go with, the MJC8 Q400 costs between $45 and $135 usd.

#3 FSLabs A320 / 19 – 1415 Votes

The Flight Sim Labs A320/19X sets the bar high for study level sims. It is without a doubt the most realistic simulation of an Airbus A320 you’ll find in the simulation world. With some excellent attention to detail, it proves a stable and solid product for anyone willing to learn and master this complex airliner. The sounds are also a very pleasing part of the aircraft. From the engines roaring on roll out to hearing every groove in the runway or taxiway. The one downside of this aircraft is the performance. It’s been notorious for lower fps than your typical airliner. 

This aircraft also happens to be one of the most expensive aircraft in the hobby costing $139.95 usd. It’s not for everybody, but if you fit into the niche, it will certainly be a fantastic investment for your sim now and for in the future.

#2 PMDG Simulations 747-400 / 800 – 1436 Votes

If you’re looking to fly one of the most iconic heavies of all time, the queen of the skies is for you. This aircraft was developed for people who want a highly accurate and functional 747-400 with systems that perform true to life in nearly every way possible. You can also customize the cockpit to your liking as there many pieces of equipment that you can add or remove.

For $139.99 usd, the base package comes with the 747-400, M, BCF, ERF, D, and F models. If you would like to fly the 747-800 you can do so by purchasing the expansion pack for $69.99 usd. The aircraft also comes with a long diverse list of liveries that you can install via the PMDG Operations Center application.

#1 PMDG Simulations 737 / 8 / 9 NGX – 1465 Votes

The number one voted aircraft is the PMDG Simulations 737 NGX series. It’s not surprising that the NGX landed in the top spot. This aircraft has been in flight simulation for nearly a decade, first released in 2011 for Microsoft Flight Simulator X. PMDG worked close with Boeing staff for years during development to bring you one of the best study level 737 simulators around.

This aircraft will cost you $89.99 usd. The base model comes with the 737-800, and 900 and you can purchase an expansion pack if you would like to fly the 737-700 and 600 variants. Again like the PMDG 747, the 737 series comes with a very wide range of liveries that you can install via the PMDG Operations Center application. Recently PMDG has teased their new NG3; A major update to their 737 that will bring new lighting technology, a tablet, and more. [Editor’s note: this was written and recorded before PMDG’s recent announcements.]


We also want to do some honorable mentions from the poll. The first two will be the runner ups from the 10 main categories and the last one is the most popular from our “Other” category. This option was put in place so the community could still vote if their favorite was not in our original list.

Aerosoft A320/19/18 – 486 Votes

Until several years ago, the Aerosoft Airbus was one of the few options for an aircraft of it’s class. This Airbus has an excellent looking exterior/interior model and it’s much easier to fly for beginners; as it’s more forgiving if correct the procedures are not met.

TFDI Design 717-200 – 463

The TFDI 717 is the only aircraft of its kind in all of flight simulations. It’s an aircraft used for shorter flights around places like North America, Hawaii, and Australia. It’s come a long way since it’s initial release and really is an excellent and fun aircraft to fly.

Quality Wings 787 – 351

Last but not least we have the Quality Wings 787. This collection comes with the 787-8, 787-9. Both aircraft been modeled visually and systematically in high quality, but also the unique characteristics of each plane has been created.

This concludes our top 5 video for this month. Thank you to everyone for voting! As a new or seasoned veteran we hope this helps you when deciding what to download next for Prepar3D. Remember each month is a new poll and you get to decide what the Top 5 are!

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