FSDreamTeam GSX Level 2: The FSElite First Look

Today we take an early first look at GSX Level 2. Featuring flight crews and passengers that actually board your flights! In addition you can now completely customize each and every gate/stall.

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Patrick Moore

The author Patrick Moore

Senior video producer for FSElite. Patrick is a flight simmer/aviation enthusiest and creator of 'The Flight Sim Deck' YouTube channel. He also enjoys skateboarding, barbecuing, graphic design, photography, film making, beer, and coffee. | View My Specs

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Just like everything FSDT put out: Cool gimicks that don’t even work as advertised. This was probably the product I most looked forward to this year (Since it’s obvious that the A330 won’t arrive until December 2190)

Honestly? Highly underwhelming. The hype said that it would automatically replace ALL default jetways. I loaded the demo version on FSDTs CYVR. NONE of the SODE jetways match up to the default. I don’t have time to customize 128 parking spots. Especially when it’s to an airport I will never fly to. I had very high expectations for this product and it looks like we have been sorely let down.

Plenty of other reasons someone could be underwhelmed by the release of Level 2 as it stands – this ain’t one of them.

Seeing as though you sh*t posted here based on your misunderstanding of what the new features actually were, maybe it’s worth you and others looking at Umberto’s response to your post on the GSX forum.,18427.0.html

Before you start spreading the false statement and negative opinion here, on Reddit and youtube, I recommend you to spend more hours on the product and test each single feature it has.
1. You CAN change the multiple jetways in one move.
2. Are you surprised that you have seen both (GSX SODE and default jetway)? Try to edit any part/file of ANY scenery your plane is already loaded in … Do you know what will happen? It will spit on your with errors. The scenery must be re-loaded and you can do it only by restarting sim or removing and adding to the scenery .cfg again.

And the last thing:
Why do you complain about editing 128 parking spots on the airport you will never fly to?

Looks good with countless options, but there’s one thing that troubles me. Why would I spend so much time customising jetways, vehicles and so many other things on every gate in airports with dozens of gates, especially considering that I have not the slightest idea of how they are in the real world? I mean the looks are more than nice and give depth to the whole experience, but it’s a flight sim not an airport ops sim afterall!

Having said the above, I’d gladly pay for airport customisation files. Wouldn’t mind a cost of a few Euros for a fully -and properly- customised airport by someone who knows both GSX and how airports operate. I think that would complement some sceneries very well.

I mostly refer to files for addon airports, not default ones. I may have been dozens of times in some of the airports I use or none in others, but for all I’ve got no clue how things should operate (not even what type the jetways are). So I’d be more than happy to pay a bit more for such files. That’d save me time and trouble, that’s all I’m saying.

because most simmers wants the power of choice, and not everyone has the same AFCAD file or version. You can check online for certain shared pre-configured airports. should become more common especially with custom SODE added.

I have a question for everyone! If i use the CRJ or a 737 with the self built stairs (Ryanair) how would GSX LEVEL 2 react in terms of boarding passengers and crew?

FSDT is planning to support these kind of stairs in a future update. See,18161.0.html

Hmm? ib4 4000 comments to try to chew me out how FSDT deservers all your money, all your children, how this is the most amazing thing ever etc etc

oh wait this time its speedbirds turn to get flamed

@lol, I must live in alternative reality because I didn’t see that Speedbird got flamed.
Actually he is the person building bad press for developers and tried to burn GSX’s functionality without even knowing all possible functions or limitations coming from the simulator.

Speedbird ATC has one person explaining to him what he posted is incorrect based on his own misunderstanding of the product – hardly flamed, nor by 4000 people.

No, this current GSX upgrade as it stands isn’t worthy of selling your kids over, but its does improve a program which thousands of users consider an essential part of simming.

Maybe use the demo function or take a wait and see approach on what further updates down the line bring before buying?