Flight Sim Expo 2018 | Lockheed Martin Interview

As we all begin to wind down from a spectacular weekend in Las Vegas, our coverage does not. To kickoff our Flight Sim Expo coverage we bring you an interview with Lockheed Martin.

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Patrick Moore

The author Patrick Moore

Senior video producer for FSElite. Patrick is a flight simmer/aviation enthusiest and creator of 'The Flight Sim Deck' YouTube channel. He also enjoys skateboarding, barbecuing, graphic design, photography, film making, beer, and coffee. | View My Specs
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Forgive the additional comment, but can you imagine the potential performance lift with, say, P3d on one thread, PMDG airplane and systems on another thread, ORBX (especially their new TrueEarth) on another thread, weather on another thread again, and ATC and traffic on another thread, still.

Pardon me if LM allows this already, but I don’t see this happening on my sim at the moment.

What an opportunity to expand the market by making the sim usable on more machines, and giving room to add even more realism.

PS – I’m a 4K 16 threader in the chase for even more fidelity.

BruceN, setting affinity for processes isn’t a new in Windows 10. This feature was implemented via Task Manager in Windows XP 17 years ago and it’s available in every next generation of the system. 🙂

LM already uses multi threading to a considerable level, especially when it comes to scenery and graphics. If they didn’t you would be getting about 1 frame per minute or so.

We are already partially there as this option is available to you on Windows 10 when running separate applications by using the affinity mask feature of task manager. For example, you can assign P3D, ActiveSky, ProATCX, etc., to each run on separate cores simultaneously. There are plenty of Win10 sites online that show you how to do this. However, you make a good point about LM allowing features within P3D itself to make better use of the available cores. LM does improve core usage with each new version release, but I would also like to hear what enhancements LM intends to feature in new releases based on optimizing core usage.

Aaaaarrrggh – what a wasted opportunity.

I’m really glad you guys arranged to talk to Lockheed Martin developers, but no question about leveraging multi- threaded computing to improve the performance of P3d.

Today, even low end PCs have more than 1 thread of computing available, and serious simmers have 8 to 16 threads of computing available, but P3d still is mainly a single thread program. It works one thread hard and doesn’t do much with the rest of the computing resources available.

This limits the performance of the sim.

I would be really keen to know what LM is doing and planning to enhance sim performance by using more of the resources people have on their desktop already.

Excellent point ozboater. Performance is such a talked about issue with P3D (and I guess will always be as we’ll always want more!), and things will only get worse as addons become more and more complex.

Calum Martin

Good point! As you can imagine we only had a certain amount of time with them and wanted to see what other things we could discuss.

As I mentioned in the interview they’re very much more engaged with the community so I’m sure they’ll be open to interviews in the future. I’ll remember this and see what the future holds again!