Aerosoft Lukla Mount Everest Extreme For Aerofly FS 2: The FSElite First Look

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Taking our first glance at the Lukla Mount Everest pack for Aerofly FS 2. Lukla is one of the most dangerous and extreme airports in the world. Therefore this scenery is no stranger to flight simmers. Now being available on Aerofly, this scenery will open up many new opportunities to practice your mountain flying.

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Patrick Moore

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Patrick, our most senior video producer joined FSElite in July of 2016. He has a passion for aviation film making and photography. First debuting on YouTube as The Flight Sim Deck in 2015. Patrick has grown his channel to over 10,000+ subscribers. From his armchair, he enjoys flying all kinds of different aircraft including modern jets, small props, helicopters, and combat aircraft. He has some glider experience and has an interest in getting his PPL one day.
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