Just Flight Previews Traffic Global Update for XP

Just Flight Traffic Global X Plane 11 New Oc (5)

Over on their Facebook page, developer Just Flight has revealed that the next update to their Traffic Global for X-Plane will include the implementation of general aviation traffic.

Traffic Global provides X-Plane with busy skies but is currently limited to airliner traffic. The Facebook post provides details on the coming update which will include general aviation to help populate the skies all over the world.

Very little detail was included with the update but aircraft such as the Cessna 152, PA28 and Grumman American AA5 are to be included with the update. The previews also show that the general aviation aircraft are notated with blue aircraft tags as opposed to the red tags for the commercial aircraft. 

One final detail mentioned in the post, is regarding the Vulkan progress of X-Plane 11.50, which suggests this update will be fully compatible with the current Vulkan build.

If you have not yet purchased Just Flight’s Traffic Global for X-Plane, you can read the FSElite review or you can purchase it from the Just Flight website for £34.99.

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