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ATSimulations Releases Focke-Wulf/Piaggio P.149D

ATSimulations PiaggioFocke Wulf 149D For MSFS

The Piaggio P.149 first took flight in June of 1953, featuring nearly the same components and design as its predecessor the P.148. The upgrade included an improved cabin with seating up to five, a more powerful engine, and a retractable undercarriage. Piaggio constructed 88 P.149 aircraft, and Focke-Wulf produced 190 FWP.149D (P.149) aircraft under license in West Germany.

Between 1957 and 1984 the German Air Force, its primary user, operated the aircraft as a trainer, choosing it over other competitors due to the larger cabin. The majority of the 280 aircraft built were used in military service, but some were sold to civilian owners as well, most notably with SWISSAIR which operated them at their flight academy in Zurich.

ATSimulations have embarked on their second release for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 with the FWP.149D. Particular attention has been placed on fine-tuning the flight model in cooperation with P.149 pilots. You’ll be able to choose one of nine liveries that come with the aircraft, and eventually make your own with a layered paint kit on the way shortly.  Some notable acoustic features to mention; all interior and exterior sounds have been recorded from an actual P.149, and the cockpit levers, switches, and knobs have unique sounds.

You can purchase the FWP.149D for Microsoft Flight Simulator from the AT Simulations website. for USD24.89 / GBP18.33

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