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Orbx Great Britain South SP1 Previews

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Over on the Orbx forums, John Venema shared some of the new things to come with the upcoming service pack, SP1, for GB South. Showing Orbx is committed to their region packs, he shared a list of new features and point of interests that users can look forward to in this update. Orbx released GB South just last month for X-Plane 11 for $32.95 AUD.

New Features

  • Hundreds of new castles in England and Wales
  • More unique models in London and other cities
  • A new ZL18  ortho imagery for central London spanning from Hyde Park to EGLC London City Airport. This will make the capital really look amazing especially doing those Thames runs down low, and approaches to EGLC.
  • Improved ZL18 ortho for Portsmouth
  • Possible new Dover cliffs and detail
  • Many hundreds of 3D models along the coast to improve the look of ports and coastal towns
  • More variety of light houses and correct placements
  • Many more POI models of important structures, including bridges
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Ultimate 737MAX Announced

Threshold has released exclusive information and photos of the upcoming Zibo/Ultimate Boeing 737MAX 8. The Boeing 737MAX is the newest generation of the best selling commercial aircraft, the Boeing 737. The 737MAX first flew January 29th, 2016 and a year later entered service with Malindo Air. The Zibo mod is a modification to the default 737-800 within X-Plane 11 that
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Laminar Research Shares More 11.30 Update Features

Recently posted in the developer blog for X-Plane, Ben Supnik shared two small details about what we can expect in the future from X-Plane 11's upcoming 11.30 update 4K Panels: In the new update, developers can utilise the higher 4k resolution of panels for their aircraft, to allow for more details and better graphics from their custom, plugin-based textures. It
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Frank Dainese Announces Everest Park 3D for X-Plane

Frank Dainese has announced an astounding scenery. Everest Park 3D is in development for X-Plane. Mt. Everest needs no introduction. It is the tallest mountain in the world, reaching just over 29000ft. The stairway to heaven is part of the Himalayan Mountain Range. Lukla, which is where most climbers will start their ascent to the base camp at the bottom
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Top 5 | Must Have | Free Small Airports | Xplane 11 (FYC)

Top 5 Must Have Free Small Airports Xplane 11
Aus Flight Simmer checks out his top 5 must have freeware small airports in Xplane 11. A big thank you to all the developers for creating and sharing these free airport scenery's. 5. iBlue Yonder Heron's Nest XP 4. Orbx Oceano County L52 3. PropStrike Studio MachMell Fisheries 2. MisterX6 Catalina Island 1.0 1. MisterX6 Jim Hamilton. Owens
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Summer Sales Summary

Ksan Orbx 1 4

If you’ve been itching to add something new to your simulator, the (hot) dog days of summer is definitely the time to do it.

Here is a (non-exhaustive) listing of sales happening right now. Store
Head over the store and pick up something special in their 4th of July sale. 20-50% off select aircraft and scenery.

Orbx Simulation Systems
View the beauty of America through your cockpit window with 50% off all North American regions and airports. July 4th only.

Hifi Technologies
It’s summer time and that means thunderstorms. But you can’t simulate storms without weather injection! Pick up select ActiveSky products on sale this week.

ToLiss 319
It seems the Airbus 319 is the talk of the town lately. Fly the Airbus 319 in X-Plane 11 (or 10) with the ToLiss 319. Currently $10 off.

FlyTampa Boston Rebooted v.4
Celebrate American independence in Bahhstan. Pick up the scenery and save 25% until July 5.

Flying is no fun when everything on the ground looks the same. Upgrade your sim and get some real-world scenery. 20% off at Simmarket.

Drzewiecki Design
Experience busy cities and busy airports with 30% off all of Drzewiecki’s products.

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HSimulators Release Grand Amazonia Pack 1 For X-Plane 11

HSimulators Grand Amazonia 01
HSimulators has released their Grand Amazonia Pack 1 scenery for X-Plane 11.  This beautifully created package consists of a vast region of the extreme north of Brazil, on the border with Venezuela, a region of the Rio Uraricoera basins. The region is full of very isolated indigenous villages and gold mines, where the only access is by airplane or sometimes by river.
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Taburet Release MeshXP Spain for X-Plane 11

Taburet, a well-known publisher for Mesh and Night Lighting in both XP and P3D have recently released their MeshXP Spain product for X-Plane 11. This product adds accurate elevation points for the X-Plane mesh, to further improve the precision and shape of the terrain in X-Plane, which will improve the look of Ortho scenery, should the user have some installed.
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Supercritical Simulations Group Releases Update For 747-8 Series

Screen Shot 2018 04 02 At 6.04.51 PM
Supercritical Simulations Group has released their version 1.9 update for the Boeing 747-8 Series. It appears this could be the last update before their major version 2.0 paid update. This update addresses some issues with the auto land, along with an FMS bug, and adds some additional liveries to the intercontinental version of the plane. The update can be downloaded
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