FSElite Original: Community Voted Top 5 X-Plane 11 Plugins

Being new to a simulator can be an overwhelming experience when it comes to acquiring addons. Therefore, each month we’ll poll the community for their favorite addons in flight simulation. Lasts month poll focused on the Top 5 plugins for Prepar3D. This time we asked the community to pick their favorite plugins for X-Plane 11 and these are the top 5 choices.


Before getting into the main top 5 we want to do some honorable mentions from the poll. The first two will be the runner ups from the 10 main categories and the last one is the most popular from our “Other” category. This option was put in place so the community could still vote if their favorite was not in our original list.

Ground Handling Deluxe – 162 Votes

First runner up is Ground handling deluxe by JarDesign with 162 votes. This plugin is basically the GSX of X-Plane 11. It provides animated cargo loading, fuel trucks, and many other vehicles to your aircraft. Everything is easily controlled through a simple menu that allows for these vehicles to be quickly added or removed.

xEnviro – 151 Votes

Next is X-Enviro with 151 votes. This plugin enhances many weather aspects in the sim including lighting effects, physics, cloud rendering and so much more. Check out the full list of features on the Xenviro website here.

xVison – 25 Votes

Lastly, selected from our “other” category is X-Vison with 25 votes. X-Vison allows you to control shaders for water, clouds, lighting, atmosphere and terrain. With this plugin you can customize the lighting to look just the way you want. You can come up with your own presets or use the ones provided with X-Vison. Either way this will have your sim looking fantastic!

#5 X-Camera – 206 Votes

Number 5 coming in at 206 votes is X-Camera by Stick and Rudder Studios. As a flight sim video producer this is one of my favorite plugins. X-Camera is what makes the cinematic filming possible. It also allows you to save as many views as you want inside and outside of the aircraft. You can then easily come back to these views at any time. If you don’t feel like making your own views, there are plenty of sets shared for each aircraft.

X-Camera is free to download and try. However, in order for your settings and views to save you will need to purchase a license for $15 USD. It’s a tool that’s well worth the price and something you’ll find yourself using for each and every flight.

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POSCON Details Huge Updates on Development and More

POSCON Header For FSElite
Andrew H. from POSCON has updated the community on the development of the upcoming program. Earlier in the year, the developers had outlined a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) list of features that needed to be complete before their first public release. First off, the voice client. The developers have finished development on their voice codec. It is currently stable and
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Taburet Releases Telluride for X-Plane 11

no thumb
Scenery developer Taburet has released their rendition of Telluride (KTEX) airport and surrounding area for X-Plane 11. Included in this package is a new photographic texturing group coverage, sloped runway airport and full autogen. The scenery is available on simMarket for 13.99 Euros. Telluride Regional Airport (KTEX) services the nearby area of Telluride, Colorado. The airport is currently serviced by
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Vidan Design Previews Aalborg X for X-Plane 11

Over on their Facebook page, Vidan Design has shared more previews of their upcoming Aalborg X scenery for X-Plane 11. The Vidan Design Aalborg X scenery was initially released for FSX and P3D back in October of 2018, which we covered here. The city of Aalborg is the 4th largest city in Denmark, and the airport handled over 1.4 million
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FlightFactor A350 Updated

A350 11
Over on the X-Plane Org forums, Ramzzess from Flight Factor has announced that their Airbus A350 has gotten an update. This update,  though a bit small, brings with it some nice fixes and smaller additions. Changelog: Fixed possible critical crash on Mac OS 10.14 Added new XP11 pop-out windows Fixed the bug with hardware throttles not working Fixed the AP
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UK2000 Scenery Releases Exeter for X-Plane 11


Over on their Facebook page, UK2000 Scenery announced the release of their Exeter scenery for X-Plane 11.

The airport itself is located in Devon, and handled just over 767.400 passengers in 2017.

UK2000 announced that Exeter would come to X-Plane back in February, which we covered here.

The scenery comes with all the things that can be expected from a UK2000 release, including:

  • PBR materials
  • Ground routes for AI traffic
  • Specular lighting
  • Custom Light effects and halo’s

and much more. The full list of features can be found in the release announcement.

The scenery is available from the UK2000 store, and costs £16.99 with 20% VAT included in the price.


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Orbx Previews TrueEarth GB North For X-Plane 11

101 4f2f9372e85ada8e2ecbf7ce679d7886
Over on their forums, Richard Bui from Orbx showed off some new previews of the upcoming TrueEarth GB North pack for X-Plane 11. TrueEarth North will be complete the trio of TrueEarth GB products covering the main island of Great Britain, after the release of TrueEarth GB Central back in December. This time, the focus is on major tourist spots
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Reality Expansion Pack v3.5.9 Released

SF260D 13
Simcoders has just released version 3.5.9 of their Reality Expansion Pack (REP) add-on for X-Plane 11. This update to REP mainly includes improvements for the Simcoders/JRollon SF.260 light military trainer addon for X-Plane, such as RealityXP GTN650 Support, a printable short checklist, and right/left seat view switching in the cockpit. These improvements and more can be downloaded in the update
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X-Codr releases Denver for XP11

A few days ago, the X-Codr team released their highly anticipated Denver International scenery for X-Plane 11. Located in the state of Colorado, Denver International is the fifth busiest airport in the US and is home to the longest commercial runway in the US. The scenery covers KDEN, with included winter and rainy textures of the airport itself, as well
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CremonaSoft Announce Airbus A310-304 for X-Plane

A310 304 CS 034.jpg.81898fd925fb888948b3b0b219225d69
Finally, X-Plane is getting a taste of old Airbus technology, as - courtesy of CremonaSoft - an A310 is announced. Being one of Airbus' first developments, the A310 was first introduced in April 1983 with Swissair. With a range of 5,150nmi, the A310-304 is powered by two General Electric CF6-80C2 engines, which are set to be faithfully recreated in this product,
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