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XP Realistic Pro

XP Realistic Pro has been updated to version 1.0.3. More info can be found here at Future Game Shop.

Future Game Shop released a couple of days ago an add-on called “XP Realistic Pro” for X Plane 11. It appears to be similar to Accusim V2 that we are used to from the FSX and P3D simulation but for X Plane instead.

XP Realistic Pro brings a whole new level of realism by adding vibrations, enhancing your simulation experience by making you feel that you are actually flying. But it’s not only that, also the sounds are enhanced to give you as the pilot flying the ultimate level of realism. Flying through turbulence will be a new experience compared to XP 11 default turbulence.

The video shows enhanced turbulence experience, nose wheel roll sound while being retracted, G-force effects, speed brakes sounds and all this can be easily customized from within the simulator.


  • Growing list of 16 sounds
  • Growing list of 22 real life immersions
  • Aircraft profile editor
  • 2 Default profiles for GA and Jets
  • Tons of realism

For more information make sure you head over to Future Game Shop to purchase this for just 11.99 GBP.

X Plane

The new X Plane numbers are in…

So X Plane 11 came out on the 30th of March to mostly positive reviews. Good for it, It deserves it. But in this hobby you can never talk about X Plane without comparing it to FSX. Throughout its history X Plane has always been the footnote of Flight Simulation. It was always kind of there with its small following of users. However with X Plane 11 it was clear the Laminar Research wanted to change that. And for seemingly the first time ever they put some actual effort into game design and marketing. But the question remains; How well did they do? Now that some time has passed since release we can look at the numbers generated by X Plane 11 and compare them to those of FSX and X Plane 10.

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RWY26Simulations Announces TNCM for X-Plane!

Good news for you X-Plane flyers! RWY26Simulations, known for their MWCR & MKJS sceneries, have released a statement earlier today about their intent to develop a “high-quality” scenery for Princess Juliana International Airport (TNCM). This destination is quite popular among simmers and now that X-Plane 11 is released, developers can jump on these new opportunities to make a bigger name for themselves. If we base ourselves on RWY26’s previous creations, we can definitely look forward to this release.

We have no idea on the release date for now, but since RW26Simulations consists of only one sole person, it is probably not around the corner. For more information, head over to RWY26Simulations Facebook page.

We will keep you updated on further development progress! If you would like to check out our very positive review of RWY26Simulations’ MWCR, click here!

UPDATE – JustSim Scenery Now Back Available at SimMarket


We have spoken to JustSim and they will issue a full statement soon. The original issue of SimMarket not selling the product has been resolved and you can now buy the products again.

We will have a full and detailed update from the developer soon.

Flight Sim Store will have the scenery back up in a few hours.


It would appear that scenery developer JustSim, known for their Innsbruck, Nice and Barcelona sceneries have had their products removed from both Simmarket and the FlightSim Store. The reason is still unknown, but SimMarket sent an email to developers regarding providing a legal licence from the provider of satellite imagery.

As of right now there is no word on when JustSim products will be available for purchase again.

Xenviro released for X-Plane 10 and 11

The popular weather environment software Xenviro has released for X-Plane 10 and X-Plane 11. This weather engine adds new textures and effects, new sound effects, realistic wind simulation as well as realistic effects simulations amongst others. Xenviro replaces the entire built-in X-Plane weather system and is completely customisable up to your likings. The tool is available for $69,90 from the store for Windows.

X-Plane 11 with Navigraph default dataset

That’s right! Navigraph have explained in a new blog that X-Plane 11 will come with Navigraph as default dataset. This is big news for all those X-Plane fans amongst us, with Navigraph having one of the largest coverages ever.

As a bit more technical in depth, Navigraph explain that X-Plane 11 will come with only one database for all data (scenery, map, ATC, AI and GPS/FMS) instead of multiple databases for each type of data like it works right now for other sims. If you really want to know what’s going on under the hood here, Philipp Münzel has made a really interesting and in-depth blogpost about this over on the X-Plane Developer forum. X-Plane 11 will come with a recent set of default data.

FlightFactor 757 v2 released!

FlightFactor have released a much anticipated update to their Boeing 757! Version 2 of this narrow body airliner has gone live and is available for $64.95 from the X-Plane store. It includes new 3d models, new systems, a new interface and much more. The 757 features an accurate flight model, has completely functional systems like the FMS and EFIS, an interactive cockpit, customisable options, custom 3D modelling and custom effects, a custom failure model and much more! Owners of the previous 757 are entitled to a discount coupon as well.

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Reality XP- Out of the darkness with the GTN750/650 for X-Plane!

Yepp, after quite some time under the hood, Reality XP has come out with the GTN 750/650 gauges for X-plane. It’s $49.95/per gauge and looks to have the same look and capabilities as Flight One’s GTN for FSX/P3D. Either way it looks super cool, and should be a little treat to our brothers and sisters over in X-Plane.

Update: RealityXP are planning on releasing a GTN 650/750 for FSX/P3D as well as bringing their beloved GNS430 to P3D.

X-Plane News Round-Up – August 14, 2016

Our X-Plane news round-up ensures only the best news from the web reaches you! If there’s an article you feel should be posted, contact us with the form at the bottom of the page.

[August 14th 2016]

It’s that time once again to check in on the X-Plane side of simulations to see what’s going on in that world, and it’s not much, I’m afraid.  Since we are now in the dog days of summer, it’s quite understandable that there’s been a break from releasing content by developers.  I myself have been away on vacation and I still have another outing to take care of before summer is officially done with me, or I, it depending on how you view it…  But enough of that, off to the announcements, both from the week of August 1st.


The main airport for the popular getaway island of Ibiza, Spain, Ibiza International (LEIB) is a major European holiday destination.  The primary airlines serving the airport are Easyjet, Thomson, & Vueling among others.


In order to produce a faithful replica in the flight simulator, PilotPlus have carefully studied every aspect of the airport.  Being an International airport, it is perfect for flying long-haul heavies as well as shorter regional and domestic and regional flights.  Challenging to fly into and out of, exploring the area in GA can also be a great experience.


Not only is every texture in HD and photoreal, many visual effects have been implemented such as custom night shadows and night lighting with ambient occlusion baked in for a very real-world look and feel.   Every 3D model has been modelled to extreme accuracy, replicating the atmosphere of the real air-port! Emulating a close to real life experience in X-Plane!



  • Faithful replica of the airport
  • High Resolution ground imagery at 15cm per pixel
  • Custom Night lighting
  • Many Animations in and around airport
  • Custom Made Static Aircraft, Bundled Pack
  • Animated Jetway’s
  • Very detailed 3D Models covering the whole airport
  • Ambient Occlusion
  • Custom Runways, Aprons & Taxiways
  • Navigational Charts
  • 3D Grass

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