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X Plane

FSElite Original: In Review – November


November was supposed to be a relatively calm month. Some releases to be expected, some updates here and there, and the big Black Friday sale. However, that should have been about it. It almost sounded too good to be true. And if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

In all fairness, I might be slightly exaggerating. November started out quite calm with relatively few big news items. Halfway through the month, we saw QualityWings’ surprise release of the Ultimate 146. This was pretty big news and some members of the community got into rather heated arguments in our comment section. Is the price worth it? Should it have been free for previous owners? What’s happening on the Ultimate 787 front? In the end, nobody seemed to be able to find a consensus on these topics.

After the Ultimate 146 news we had a rather calm Black Friday. Nobody rushed to be first in line at any of the digital stores because, well, they are digital. And nobody rushed to even get in line to begin with at FlightSimStore. We probably could have suspected this and see it coming for a bit, but because they were so uncommunicative and keeping up the appearance that everything was “fine”, it still came as a bit of a surprise. It’s sad to see them go. I have been a customer there for quite a few years, and I’m losing access to a fair amount of products. However, there is no excuse for the things they have done. Not paying developers and running off with money is never a good idea. Let’s hope justice catches up with them sooner or later.

But, by far, the biggest news was the Prepar3D v4.4 surprise announcement. With PBR.

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X-Plane 11.30b1 Released

The team at Laminar Research has taken the wraps off X-Plane 11.30 beta 1 for the general public. This is a major update to the simulator that brings a number of large-scale improvements, primarily in order to facilitate the transition to the Vulkan engine at a later date. As it stands, Laminar has identified a small list of bugs that
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Navigraph Charts – Quick News Update

On their Facebook page, Navigraph has said they will soon be providing Commercial Airline Overlay Charts (CAO) from Jeppesen, in addition to all other current charts. These charts were developed to better support pilots that primarily operate category C and D aircraft. No news on when specifically these Charts will be released, though I don't think it will be too far
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Turbulent Designs Job Opportunity

Turbulentdesigns Jobs
Turbulent Designs on their Facebook page has announced they are expanding and have therefore opened a new job position. All that is required is some past experience creating products for either FSX/P3D or X-Plane. The well-known developer says that it can offer both full-time  work at their office in Hampshire, United Kingdom, as well as possible part-time/contract work for those
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X-Plane Hiring Junior UI Developer

Looking at getting into flight simulation development? This might catch your attention. Laminar, the developers of X-Plane are looking to add a Junior UI Developer to their development team.   About this position. What you will be doing is user interface work for us. The Plane Maker and Airfoil Maker user interfaces did not get the same overhaul that X-Plane
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Drzewiecki Design Releases Two Seattle Products For X-Plane

SeaCityXP 30

Developer Drzewiecki Design has released Seattle Airports XP and Seattle City XP for X-Plane 11.

Seattle Airports XP is comprised of 5 airports in the Seattle area including Seattle-Tacoma (KSEA), Paine Field (KPAE), Boeing Field (KBFI), Renton Municipal (KRNT), and Auburn Municipal (S50).

Seattle-Tacoma (also known as Sea-Tac) is the main commercial airport serving the Seattle Area. The largest airport in the Pacific Northwest, the airport serves over 45 million passengers per year and is a major hub for Alaska Airlines and Horizon Air. The scenery includes the new International Arrivals facility as well as the satellite terminal.

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Attitude Simulations Release Fox Islands for X-Plane 11

Fox Island 9
The Gate to the Great Lakes: Fox Islands Attitude Simulations released their North & South Fox Islands scenery package for X-Plane 11. According to the team, the package takes full advantage of the available technology in X-Plane 11. The scenery is packed with detail. A lot of attention was given to the foilage of the different airfields. The team also
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Aerobask Releases Freeware Robin DR401 CDI 155

The Robin DR401 CDI155 is the latest work to come out of the brilliant minds over at Aerobask. The DR401 is a small, wooden, single engine monoplane developed by Robin Aircraft. Which has been excellently brought into the X-Plane environment, with the typical feature list we have come to expect from Aerobask: Accurate flight model developed by X-Aerodynamics. Integrated Laminar
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UK2000 Preview Edinburgh for X-Plane

UK2000 have stated in a Facebook post that after some difficulties, they have set their sights on a release date for the Edinburgh scenery for X-Plane. The scenery is said to make use of many X-Plane features, such as Sloped runways, PBR and autogate. The post also included a few pre-release screenshots to display the fine artwork present in UK2000's products.
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