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Orbx Announces TrueEarth Balearic Islands for XP


Orbx has announced on their forums that their next TrueEarth region for X-Plane would be off the coast of Spain, in the Balearic Islands. The Balearic islands are a major touristic site of Spain, welcoming more than 16 million visitors each year. The scenery will be fully integrated starting with a highly precise light detection and ranging (LIDAR) mesh, reworked aerial photography, dedicated autogen and vegetation as well as custom points of interest. No mention was done regarding the airports in those islands or the compatibility with the already existing sceneries. Judging by the screenshots, some night lighting might be in order, but it is yet to early to tell to which extent that will happen. A set of nice screenshots were shared, that you will find below.

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Just Flight Updates Traffic Global for X-plane 11

Just Flight Traffic Global X Plane 11 New Oc (3)
Just Flight has released its next major update for Traffic Global for X-Plane 11 to version v1.0.9454 for both Windows and Mac. This update factors in X-Plane 11.50 beta 1-11 as well as 11.41 rev 1. Just Flight reminds us that this update may not be compatible with future updates of X-Plane. However, if something gets broken in future beta updates
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FSDG Releases Rhodes for X-Plane 11

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It's been a busy week for FSDG, who has just released their Rhodes scenery for X-Plane 11 right after releasing Nairobi Lite for P3D. The FSDG rendition includes the entire island, as well as the two aeronautical platforms, with Maritsa Airport (LGRD), that only sees military activity, and the main Diagoras International Airport (LGRP). These two airports are just 3
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X-Codr Designs Announces Airport Enhancement Package for X-Plane

1931213091 LincolnTower.jpg.6c43a21fff34efc57ad72b247a764c46
Scenery developer X-Codr Designs has announced they were working on an Airport Enhancement Package for default X-Plane airports. The package aims at replacing the majority of default X-Plane airports buildings and textures, and limited regionalization of the airport buildings and vegetation. This overall targets at increasing immersion on most airports. This global package will be compatible with other similar popular
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X-Plane 11.50 with Vulkan/Metal Beta Released

X Plane 11

Laminar Research has released to the public their X-Plane 11.50 Beta Update. This major update features the native support of Vulkan and Metal API. Vulkan and Metal API target at replacing OpenGL in rendering engines in order to take a better advantage of the hardware technology currently available. This leads to a better rendition as well as better performance on the end-user computer.

Vulkan is an API primarily targeted at PC users, while Metal is an API developed by Apple. Respective X-Plane users will be able to see benefits of these APIs depending on the hardware they are running.

X-Plane 11 and Vulkan/Metal : what is it ?

What does Vulkan bring to X-Plane ? The developers have explained what they were aiming at achieving with the addition of the Vulkan API to the game.

  • Better handling of plugin drawing. This means for example that weather addons have a better compability and possibilites, as explained here.
  • Better handling of texture paging. This means that the use of Video RAM (or VRAM, the size of the memory of your graphic card) is much more optimized. Unused textures will be cleared from the memory with more efficiency. The display of the texture has also been revamped. In the end, the user will see better performance and better stability, with less risks of exceeding their GPU VRAM capacity. More detailed explanations can be found here.

As X-Plane developer Ben Supnik said “a flight simulator is more than its rendering engine”. The update also pushes new features for the desktop and mobile version of X-Plane, but the developers have said they would update us later on this subject.

While your X-Plane is updating, you can listen or read the script of the interview of Ben Supnik with FSElite in January 2020.

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Just Flight Announces Avro Vulcan for X-Plane 11

Just Flight Vulcan Announcement (5)
Yesterday, Just Flight previewed a new product that was in development for X-Plane 11, and from the previews given, looked very much like the Avro Vulcan. Today, we have the official announcement. Just Flight will be developing the Avro Vulcan B Mk. 2, K.2 and MRR for X-Plane 11. The previews show off the interior, like yesterday, and also shows off
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Flightbeam No Longer Porting Products to X-Plane

Kpdx Xp 13
Flightbeam is the latest developer to announce that they will no longer be porting products to X-Plane in the near future. On the Flightbeam forums, a user asked the developer is San Fransisco (KSFO) would ever be ported/released for X-Plane 11. In response, Mir said "last year I considered bringing a couple of my products over to XP11 ." He then
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Orbx TrueEarth Northern California X-Plane 11 Previews

Orbx has posted a handful of previews of TrueEarth Northern California. These previews are showing off the Oakland area specifically, but we can expect other parts of NorCal in the future. The stunning detail makes it feel like you are looking at a real photo of downtown Oakland. This is of course with every Orbx product, but with these new
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Orbx Announces 2W3 Swanson Airport for X-Plane

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Over on their forum, Aimee of Orbx has announced Swanson Airport part of the TrueEarth US Washington series for X-Plane. Swanson Airport is located just one mile outside Eatonsville, Washington. It is known for having residents on either side of the Single runway, many with private hangars to store their aircraft.  Orbx has recreated 2W3 with great detail, they have
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