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X-Plane 11

Flightbeam KPDX Portland Announced for X-Plane 11

Flightbeam IBlueYonder KPDX Portland Updated To V1.3 FSElite

Fans of X-Plane should be rather happy to hear this bit of news, as Flightbeam/iBlueYonder’s KPDX Portland International is coming to the platform!

All that iBlueYonder elaborated was that the airport is now officially in development for X-Plane 11 and that we can expect to see previews of it ‘soon’.

We’ll keep you updated on anything new about PDX in X-Plane 11, especially when the first previews are posted.


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Mad Flight Studios Releases SP-30 for X-Plane 11

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After more than two years of development, Mad Flight Studios has released the Spectr-Aero SP-30 for X-Plane 11. The Spectr-Aero SP-30 is an ultralight single-propellor two-seat aircraft weighing less than 500 kg. The Russian-built plane is mainly used for training purposes, but is also used in agricultural applications for crop dusting and aerial sowing operations. The SP-30 includes ground and
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France Extended Night Lighting Addon Updated For X-Plane 11

797984199 NightlightFrance.jpg.740d5f661a05d14182622c473d36da83
Version 2 of the France Extended Night Lighting pack has been released for X-Plane 11. This mod package adds extended night time scenery lighting for France without any FPS impact. The updated package includes a complete re-work of the lights condensed into easy to install folder. This update also works in conjunction with X-Europe. It is recommended to use the
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More Riverside Municipal Previews For X-Plane 11

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Developer Rising Dawn Studios has previewed some more work-in-progress pictures of their upcoming Riverside Municipal Airport (KRAL) for X-Plane 11. The series of photos in this latest preview feature the Riverside VOR building on the outer edges of the airport. While the post notes that the actual VOR is not active, the building is located on the airport property. An
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MWP Projects Releases xAtmoEngine for X-Plane 11

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Developer MWP Projects has released their atmospheric add-on xAtmoEngine for X-Plane 11. Billed as an ‘FPS-friendly’ add-on, the software enhances X-Plane by adding realistic atmosphere effects. The software is available for $16.30 USD from SimMarket. Features Realistic sky with smooth transition Realistic Atmosphere Custom clouds Haze effect Smooth tones Dynamic water Great water colour
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Aerobask Teases New Epic E1000 For X-Plane

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Aerobask has teased a new version of their Epic E1000 for X-Plane 11.

Referring to it as the G1000 edition in a post on their Facebook page, the developer says the aircraft is a completely rebuilt version and teases a ‘touch screen feature’.

While giving very few details, the developer says the aircraft is a completely new version, meaning there will be a cost to upgrade, with current Skyview owners getting a coupon to purchase the new plane. Aerobask also expects to update the current Skyview plane at a later date.

With no date given for a release, the developer plans to drop a video outlining the features in the coming weeks.

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Reality Expansion Pack v3.5.9 Released

SF260D 13
Simcoders has just released version 3.5.9 of their Reality Expansion Pack (REP) add-on for X-Plane 11. This update to REP mainly includes improvements for the Simcoders/JRollon SF.260 light military trainer addon for X-Plane, such as RealityXP GTN650 Support, a printable short checklist, and right/left seat view switching in the cockpit. These improvements and more can be downloaded in the update
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Test Drive | SIAI-Marchetti SF-260 | X-Plane 11 (FYC)

Test Drive SIAI Marchetti SF 260 X Plane 11
Aus flight Simmer takes a first look at the newly released SIAI-Marchetti SF-260. The SF-260 is a high-performance single-engine light aircraft, which has been commonly marketed as a military trainer and aerobatic aircraft. JRollon Plane's has teamed up with SimCoders to included a REP expansion pack for the SF-260. This has the making of a highly detailed aircraft for X-Plane
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MilViz T310R (For X-Plane 11): The FSElite Review

Featured Image
The T310R is one of the many variants of Cessna's C310, with the T310R being a turbocharged, lengthened version of the twin-engine six-seater piston aircraft. There has always been a large market for twin-piston aircraft - mainly due to their fail-safe nature, versus their single-engined counterpart - and Cessna capitalised on this in the 1950s with the development of their
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UK2000 Previews Belfast City Xtreme for X-Plane

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Developer UK2000 has announced Belfast City Airport (EGAC) for X-Plane. Located in Northern Ireland, Belfast City is a single-runway airport about 5 km from Belfast City Centre. The site of airport is also home to the Short Brothers/Bombardier aircraft manufacturing facility. Commercial operations at the airport began in 1983, and the airport was known at ‘Belfast City Airport’ until it
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