Imaginesim Releases Singapore Animations Edition

Imaginesim Animations Package (3)

As previously previewed, Imaginesim has today released its newest service pack for Singapore (WSSS). The Animations Pack includes support from SimWorks’ Live Scenery Module which brings the airport to life

The airport will now be littered with airport objects, vehicles and dozens of animated characters throughout giving you a much more life-like airport.

The update is free and follows on from their recently released PBR content release.

If you don’t already own the airport, you can pick it up from Imaginesim’s website for £25.99.

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Imaginesim Preview Animation Pack for Singapore (WSSS)

Imaginesim Animations Package (3)
Imaginesim has shared brand new previews for their upcoming Animation pack for Singapore airport. The folks at SimWorks Studios have worked with Imaginesim to bring a Live Scenery model to scenery package, free of charge. This update comes just a couple of weeks after the inclusion of PBR for the product. The Animations pack will add vehicles, animated people and more.
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Imaginesim Updates Singapore (WSSS) to Version 2.1

Over their Facebook page, scenery designer Imaginesim released an update for their Singapore International Airport (WSSS) to version 2.1. The update includes small refinements to the PBR textures, a fix that stops a building crash on approach to the 02L/20R runways, new updates to their manual, additional autogen to the Northwest, and tweaks the lighting for further immersion. The update
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Imaginesim Release Singapore (WSSS) P3DV4 PBR Update

Press Product Image 04
After weeks of teasing, Imaginesim has released their newest update to their Singapore (WSSS) scenery package. The new update primarily focuses on bringing the PBR technology into the airport package to give a much more realistic effect on the texturing and immersion of the airport. PBR technology has been included in the airport to enable a better visual representation of
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Imaginesim Singapore (WSSS) FSX Edition Now Available

Singapore Fsx Imaginesim Wsss (2)

Imaginesim released Singapore Airport for Prepar3D V4 a few months back, but work has been on-going for a FSX conversion. Today, Imaginesim has released it and is available to download via the Imaginesim store.

The airport is one of the busiest in the world serving primarily as a hub for Singapore Airlines. With many, many routes and transitions through the airport, it’s an important hub in the Far East. Imaginesim has recreated the airport faithfully including the newly opened Terminal 4, and elements of the city centre itself.

Furthermore, the airport features SODE jetways, high definition building textures, vegetation and buildings unique to Singapore airport, and 52KM2 of coverage around the airport. Finally, it should be noted that the airport is in the correct geographical location as per its real-world counterpart.

It’s important to note that this is a conversion from Prepar3D V4 to FSX, so Imaginesim are advising that you may need to tune down some settings such as AI or detail to ensure you can lessen the impact on your computer’s resources. You could also use the options available in the included airport configuration tool. Further advice on performance and maximizing your computer’s capabilities can be found in the airport manual.

You can buy Singapore for FSX/FSX:SE now from Imaginesim’s store for £25.99.

Prepar3D V4 users don’t worry as PBR will soon be heading to the airport for you to enjoy. The Prepar3D V4 version will also be in the correct position with this update.

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Imaginesim Preview PBR In Singapore on Prepar3D V4

Singapore P3dv4 Pbr (2)
As developers get to grip with PBR being in Prepar3D V4.4, the more products are starting to receive the texture treatment. Announced a few weeks back, scenery developers Imaginesim are bringing PBR texture work to their most recent release Singapore (WSSS). Today, the team shared a few new previews of the work in progress. The team concluded their Facebook post
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ImagineSim Singapore for FSX Coming Soon

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The team of ImagineSim has some exciting news for users of FSX. Their highly anticipated Singapore (WSSS) scenery will soon be available for the 32 bit platform. The team made the announcement over on their Facebook page, coupled with a single preview image. ImagineSim's Singapore was released for Prepar3D late last October, already several months ago. It is due to
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ImagineSim Adding PBR to Singapore (WSSS)

Imaginesim Singapore Wsss Pbr (2)
Although released in the Autumn of last year, ImagineSim has been continuing to work on improving their latest scenery; Singapore (WSSS). The biggest change in an upcoming update is the inclusion of PBR texture material throughout the airport. The Facebook post from the team said that "realism and extra detail that's possible with PBR is fantastic". Further to the inclusion of
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ImagineSim Singapore (WSSS) Navigraph Update Coming Soon

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Over on their Facebook page, Imaginesim has announced that Navigraph is in the progress of updating their datasets over future iterations to match with Imaginesim's WSSS Singapore Airport. Navigraph has not provided ImagineSim with any firm dates yet, however, we'll endeavor to let you know once the update has been released. If you don't own it already, you can buy
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